Margie’s Joy

I was trying to think up show name’s for Joy. It’s cold and snowy out, and I’m dreaming of spring time and showing. 🙂

Joy came with the name “Margie’s Joy”. The story being that the owner of Joy’s dam, Margie, boarded the dam at a private farm. Right before Joy was born, Margie died, so the foal was named in honor of her owner.

It seems sacrilegious to rename her. However, it’s just a show name. She’ll always be Margie’s Joy at home (I have the plaque to prove it. heh).

Anyway, I was playing around with sprucing up Joy’s name so that it would strike fear and awe into our competitors hearts.

Margie means “Child of Light”
Joy could also mean Exultant

Exulatant Child of Light.

That seems just a wee bit pompous. Hahaha

Then I was thinking of maybe using the word bronze in a show name. Or incorporating her coloring into the name somehow. Bronze, copper, rust… that’s as far as I got with that line of thinking.

The other thought was to try to capture her personality in a name, but I’m finding her hard to define. She’s sweet, and kind, and big hearted… but she can also be a little devil and sneaky, and… well, a pony.

My naming creativity is failing me.

Eventually I’d like to get Joy USDF Lifetime horse registered. If I do end up selling her, I think that would up her chances of finding a good home. That and a lifetime Pony Card. Those two things and she’d be all set for a cushy show home (assuming I don’t mess her up).

Anyone have any ideas on names?
Help me brainstorm ideas!!




The ponies enjoying the new paddock

7 thoughts on “Margie’s Joy

  1. I kind of like the name “Joys Promise” because it works on so many levels.
    It’s an indicator to her ability/future.
    It’s a push to prove her value towards her mother Margie.
    It covers the spirit of fire that competition brings.
    It speaks of her dedication to overcome her club foot.
    It’s a good name.

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