Finding Levi

No, really.. he’s not in the pasture.

A tree fell on the fence a bit ago and squashed the 4 strands of wire straight to the ground. Levi made his escape and I found him happily munching the (definitely much greener) grass on the other side of the fence.

This is my first “escapee” since owning this property, so of course my heart is pounding through my chest with fear. What if runs off?? What if he runs in the road?? What if…???

Joy never even tried to leave the pasture. I called for her and she came running up to the barn.

A moment later, Levi comes galloping down the fence line (quite majestically) and comes to a halt right in front of me.

We clear the tree, fix the fence, put the horses back in the pasture.

Next day, while working from home and on a meeting, I peer out my window. There’s Levi, munching grass, right off our back steps.

It takes me a moment to process this… and then rip my headphones off and sprint out the door to catch Levi.

He was unconcerned about the whole ordeal and let me slip a halter on without issues.

Another tree on fence line. But this time, it didn’t squash the fence much. Fence was still a good 3 foot high even where the tree lay on it. I was perplexed about how he escaped.

Cleaned up tree, went to tighten up fencing and realize the second from top strand had snapped. Was that how he got out? Did he just shimmy his fat bod through this narrow gap?!?!

We fixed the fencing again and I turned the horses back out on the pasture. We had just sat down on the back deck, and suddenly here comes Levi!! Trotting up the fence line – OUTSIDE THE PASTURE.

I’ve had mares on this property for 5 years, with the same fencing, and not once had any of them escaped. Not once. Even when trees fell on the fence.

I get ONE (1) gelding and he’s gallivanting around like some kind of escape artist. smh

I caught him trying to rip the chain off the gate yesterday. Grabbed it with his teeth and pulled with all his might. He is too smart for his own good.

So now we have to string up a line of electric around the fencing to hopefully keep Mr. Dora the Explorer in his home.  Hubby says I have control issue. I’m okay with that.

Unfortunately, we ordered the electric fence charger online and it’s lost in shipping currently. In the meantime, I’m giving Levi supervised pasture time like some kind of convict.

Supervised free time
Joy’s not happy with her grazing muzzle

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