Ava’s Laminitis Update

It’s been approximately two and a half weeks since Ava started showing signs of laminitis.

I’ve been tearing my hair out over this.

On Nov 30th, Ava weighed 1,115lbs. Today she weighs 1,065lbs. She’s been losing roughly 15lbs every five days.

Frankly, I thought it’d be a dramatic weight loss of a hundred pounds a week when I took her off the grain.   Yeah, I’m an idiot.  Apparently I believed the grain was saving Ava from utter starvation.  Anyway, sans grain, Ava’s only losing about 15lbs a week.

She’s been largely confined to stall the last two weeks because she was so sore. Last weekend I started turning her out in the pasture with Joy and Jessie for a few hours a day. She’d hobble around for brief stretches before finding a quiet spot to lay down. She was down more than she was up.


The last two days though, Ava’s been on her feet the majority of the day.  She appears to be moving around with significantly less pain. And yesterday after I turned her out she was more than happy to bully the other two horses off their hay piles, and wander around the pasture. She’s even wandering up to the gate whenever one of us walks out there (which she hadn’t been before).

I think she’s getting better!! Fingers crossed!!


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