My Winter Laminitis Struggles

I mentioned in a much earlier post, I had asked the vet to test Ava’s blood for iron levels…

The results of the Iron test:

Ava’s levels: 305 mg/dl.

Normal range is: 105 – 277

Below are links for information on iron levels and laminitis:

“The role of iron overload as a risk factor for IR (Fernandez-Real et al, 2002; Jehn et al, 2004), and therapeutic effect of lowering body iron levels (Fargion, 2005; Piperno, 2004), has been documented in man”

More links related to high Iron/laminitis:

I was told by another vet that although Iron and laminitis show a correlation. No causation has been proven. But high iron has other issues, so needs to be addressed either way.

Nutrient Requirement Calculator:

No Iron added Supplements:

Vermont Blend – $72.00 (60 day supply) $1.20 per day.

U-BALANCE FOUNDATION – $159.95 (60 day supply) $2.67 per day.

California Trace Plus – $70 (40 day supply) $1.75 per day.

All have free shipping. Vermont Blend will send a free sample.

Ava loves the Vermont Blend. She will eat it straight. Joy isn’t quite as fond. She doesn’t hate it, she just doesn’t really care either way.

Since I’m not feeding grain, and neither horse likes beet pulp, I’m looking for a supplement, or ration balancer, with no iron that both will eat without requiring additional prep.