The Zeus Dog

Several months ago we adopted a dog that had been wandering the neighborhood.20141005_140916  His name is Zeus, and he’s a 7lb, long-haired Chihuahua.

We decided Zeus chose us. My husband saw the dirty little dog for the first time on our road when he was driving home one afternoon. He shoo’d the dog off the road, got back in his truck and headed home. When my husband looked in the rear view mirror, the little dog was trucking down the road after him. Hubby got home, walked into the house, and the little dog followed him right inside and hopped up on the love seat like he’d lived here all his life.

The neighbors told us how they had spent days attempting to catch the little guy. Several neighbors tried. No one could get close to him.  20141122_104109

My husband took him to the vet’s that afternoon. The poor dog was covered in scabs and coated in fleas. The flea collar he had on had worn off all the hair on his neck. He was incredibly thin and malnourished.

The vet checked for microchips (none), and she searched the local shelters databases for lost dogs. There were no traces of Zeus owners.  I spent weeks scouring lost dog ad’s attempting to find his owners. No one seemed to miss him.

So now Zeus lives with us. He’s integrated well with our other pets. He tries to pee on our 20141011_194145yellow labs face to show his dominance. He nips at the heels of the cat that out weighs him by 25lbs in order to move him around the house. And he’s decided that he’ll stick around until the snow melts.

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In the 6 months he’s lived with us, he’s learned to sit and lay down on command. His ability to remember what the word “come” means is reliant on whether we have treats or not, but he’s getting better with it. And best of all, he’s starting to understand the concept of going outside to potty. Although, sometimes that’s difficult for a 7lb Chihuahua when the snow is twice as deep as you are tall.

It worked out though. He’s a very lovable dog, that enjoys cuddling. He’s smart and learns things incredibly quickly. Plus his shenanigans always make us laugh. So, to whoever dumped him… Thank you, you worthless piece of trash. You abandoned a wonderful dog.