Things are looking up!

The last two days Ava has been moving great. No sign of lameness that I can see. She’s still slightly swollen in the left pastern area, which concerns me, but the vet said he didn’t think it was a big deal.

All in all, this little issue cost me $530 ($130 was a loan from the parents). There goes the new winter riding coat I was eyeballing. That also pretty much devastated all of the food money too. Thank goodness this injury wasn’t worse. The treatments for tendon injuries cost more for each treatment than our mortgage payment costs.

Anyway, I think, I hope, Ava and I will be back into regular training in another couple of weeks (if all goes well).

I’m so excited! Yay!

Withdrawal symptoms of the obsessed rider

Waking up holding the bedsheets like reins.

Tacking up the dog.

Teaching kitty to ride said dog. But only allowing lunge lessons until kitty develops a better seat.

Begging others to allow you to just sit on their horse.

Convincing self that walking said horse on a long rein cant’t hurt.

Teaching said horse dressage basics while saddleseat owner cringes in corner.

Get ripped off said horse and continue to beg to ride it again.

Trade dog for 5 mins of ride time.

Rent hubby out for 10 minute riding fix.

Selling hubby for 1 hour riding fix. Hubby happier and won’t come back….

Trying to sell parents but getting no takers. 😉

Doh, Lame!

I had a great lesson on Tuesday. It was our first lesson in 3 months and I was so nervous. But the lesson went great. Bern seemed happy with our progress (at least we didn’t lose too much ground during the hiatus).

I’m not a big fan of flying solo with dressage. Mostly because I like that my trainer really challenges me, makes me think about what is working or not, and guides me on how to fix it. Without that, I tend to get stuck in ruts, frustrated, or bored.

So the lesson went great, and Wednesday evening I get to the barn rip roaring to work on what we learned the day before and….. Ava’s lame.

Thursday she’s still lame, although using it a little better. There’s no heat, no cuts or scrapes, just swollen and obviously painful to her. She puts weight on it, but is gimpy with it.

Today is Friday… And I’m hoping, without much optimism, that she’s made a speedy recovery over night.

I had just started planning out our goals for the 2012 show season. Getting all excited because I think, with hard work, we can be quite competitive at second level next summer. Then this happens… I feel like I jinxed myself.

I’m going to the barn this evening to check on Ava. Wish me good fortune and a speedy recovery.