Check yourself before you wreck yourself

I’ve now had 3 whole lessons on cross country portion of eventing. This has emboldened me to the point where I registered for my first “Derby”.

A Derby, I learned, is basically a crash course in eventing. Smash every phase into an afternoon and the survivor wins.

The Derby I’ve sign up for is in 4 weeks. God help us.

Tomorrow is our first XC schooling at a real eventing course. This is where we’ll see if Levi and I have the stomach to actually do this for real.

Tiny, moveable jumps

I’m beginning to freak about all the things I don’t know I don’t know. How much fitter does Levi need to be? How do i get him fitter? Do they give us the course before the event? If the Derby has stadium and CC combined then what is the attire regulations?!?! Sooooo many questions!!

Also.. How do you eventers keep it all in your head?! Dressage test, stadium course, and XC course! I go off course just doing 1 dressage test. 😒

I really hope tomorrow is a confidence booster for us. I feel so unsure about whether we (both green beans at jumping/eventing) are capable of this.

Wish us luck! I think we’ll need it.

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