First Eventing Lesson

Levi and I had our first eventing lesson last month.

My expectations for the lesson were rock bottom low considering he nearly face plants when cantering on flat ground sometimes.

I also haven’t exactly made the greatest progress on his canter over the summer. Plus, he’s not the most agile horse I’ve ridden. And sometimes he still refuses to go forward AT ALL. Add in that I wasn’t sure he’d steer (this being a rather new skill for him).

Oh, and I’ve NEVER jumped him over ANYTHING!

Not even a baby cross rail.

I assumed the lesson would be ground poles and trotting around a bit. I didn’t dare hope for much more than that.

Boy did he exceed my expectations!

Actually, to be honest, it wasn’t really the horse that was the scaredy chicken that had issues. 🙂

So, without further ado, here’s Levi’s debut as an event horse!