Sue Hughes Clinic

Back to the Sue Hughes clinic…

The main point of the whole lesson was to stop using every aid simultaneously! And voilĂ , horse could decipher what was required of her. Amazing how that simplified things.

I find this difficult though. I am an “Oh crap” rider. Things are moving along, and “Oh crap, a circle!” Instead of preparing, planning, applying one aid then another as needed for each stride of the circle… I’m in full reactionary mode of applying all aids at once!

Not a successful way to ride.

So keep in mind, when you’re riding… When asking for a circle, only apply the aid you need for each step. More flexion? A little inside rein and release. Horse popping out her shoulder? A little outside rein and release. Losing engagement? A little inside leg and release.

Not this: Inside rein while pulling on outside rein, and kicking inside leg frantically. <– that's me.