Dressage Exercises for the Horse



Robert Dover: How to Start Half Steps

Debbie McDonald Introducing the Half Steps in Dressage

Catherine Haddad Schooling Half steps with Robert Dover and Debbie McDonald


Charlotte Bredahl- Baker: Collecting the Canter

George Williams: Exercises to Develop the Collected and Counter Canter


Emile Faurie – What is bend and how to achieve it


How to Do Travers or Haunches In

George Williams: Shoulder In to Renvers (Haunches Out)


George Williams: Haunches In On The Circle


Laura Graves Teaching Canter Haunches In on the Circle


Laura Graves: Teaching Leg Yielding Off and On Rail


Dressage training with Laura Graves, Focus on More Freedom In The Shoulder


Emile Faurie – Riding correct shoulder in


George Williams: Exercises to Develop Leg Yield Into Half Pass


George Williams: Renvers to Travers (Haunches Out to Haunches In)


Paul Belasik: Understanding Lateral Movements in Dressage


Incorrect Bend:

Robert Dover: Managing Incorrect Bend

Connection & Stretching

George Williams
Teaching How to Develop a Steady Contact:

Catherine Haddad
Teaching proper contact and riding basics of young horse:

Adrienne Lyle
How To Fix Busy Hands:

Nicholas Fyffe
Straightness & Connection:

Nicholas Fyffe
Working on Reaching for the Bit:

Sally Amsterdamer
Stretching the Top Line to Develop Strength and Suppleness

Dr. Ulf Moller
Stretching For The Four Year Old:

Dr. Ulf Moller
Training the Three Year Old, Getting Contact and Bend:

Free Training Videos by Carl Hester

This post is a list of links to video’s, pdf’s, and blog posts that I thought were interesting. I found a site listing “What it takes to get to Grand Prix” by Carl Hester that I was really interested in watching, but unfortunately they only had the first two videos in the series. I’ve looked everywhere and can’t seem to find the rest.

Rider Fitness: PDF

Carl Hester – What it takes to get to Grand Prix (parts 3 through 10 aren’t working)
Part 1: http://link.brightcove.com/services/player/bcpid1485842953?bctid=1502861954
Part 2: http://www.yourhorse.co.uk/shared/PageTemplates/Article/Article.aspx?id=2318

Carl Hester – Training Session 2007
Part 1: http://youtu.be/bbk7HWtQWbM
Part 2: http://youtu.be/D3rJras7vQQ
Part 3: http://youtu.be/0Keh3jBEOts
Part 4: http://youtu.be/WZlzJlMq1-s

Carl Hester – Training your Young Horse Part 1 through 10
Part 1: http://link.brightcove.com/services/player/bcpid1485842953?bctid=1601740383
Part 2: http://www.yourhorse.co.uk/shared/PageTemplates/Article/Article.aspx?id=3101
Part 3: http://www.yourhorse.co.uk/shared/PageTemplates/Article/Article.aspx?id=3108
Part 4: http://www.yourhorse.co.uk/shared/PageTemplates/Article/Article.aspx?id=3109
Part 5: http://www.yourhorse.co.uk/shared/PageTemplates/Article/Article.aspx?id=3110
Part 6: http://www.yourhorse.co.uk/shared/PageTemplates/Article/Article.aspx?id=3107
Part 7: http://www.yourhorse.co.uk/shared/PageTemplates/Article/Article.aspx?id=3104
Part 8: http://www.yourhorse.co.uk/shared/PageTemplates/Article/Article.aspx?id=3105
Part 9: http://www.yourhorse.co.uk/shared/PageTemplates/Article/Article.aspx?id=3106
Part 10: http://www.yourhorse.co.uk/shared/PageTemplates/Article/Article.aspx?id=3103

Paul Hayler – How to improve a horse’s outline, exercises and gymnastic work to build muscle and strength

Paul Hayler is an international dressage rider, a list two judge, and top dressage horse breeder. Paul advises Hayley on how to improve her horse’s outline and reveals exercises and gymnastic work that will help build muscle and strength – helping her get the best from her horse.

Four Part video series: http://www.yourhorse.co.uk/Improve-your-riding/Search-Results/Celebrity-Training-Videos/Dressage/Paul-Hayler/

Aids Explained: A series of audio files explaining the aids for different movements

Dressage Training Videos

Carl Hester – Clinic recap of his system of developing a dressage horse from 4 years of age and up. http://hannahpierucci.wordpress.com/2013/08/09/day-3-carl-hesters/

An Evening with Carl Hester:
Part 1: http://youtu.be/xdya3mXZJOM
Part 2: http://youtu.be/USoe8Px7Hwc

Free Videos on Straightness and Collection from USEF Network

USEF Network has free videos with Dr. Deb Bennett from Equine Studies Institute.

PDF on Lessons From Woody: On Teaching Your Hose To Carry Himself Straight by Deb Bennett, Ph.D


Lessons from Woody, Part I Physical Straightening by Deb Bennett, Ph.D

Lessons from Woody, Part II Deep Straightening by Deb Bennett, Ph.D

True Collection: Loin Coiling and Raising the Base of the Neck by Deb Bennett, Ph.D