And then there were three

Things have been going well here (I better knock on wood). Levi and Joy have their own little special bond and everyone knows the routines. Life is good.

Yeah, there’s a pandemic, and the world is crashing, but my little sphere is safe and happy.

The neighbor messaged me last week. She bought a horse. All of the boarding facilities are closed and she has no where to take it. Can I board him for a while?

I say yes. Of course.

As soon as I said it I panicked. What if it’s a monster? What if it gets hurt here? What if it hurts my horses???

What if it dies??


The horse will be here some time between 6:30pm and Midnight. It’s being shipped from several states away. It hasn’t even been picked up yet.

I woke up at 4:30 this morning. By the time it actually gets here, I’ll be too tired to give a shit. Ha!

Fingers crossed it’s a small horse with a good brain. Not sure I can handle a nut job with everything else going on recently.

On the plus side, it’ll be nice to have someone else here to talk horses for a while. Now I just need to stop being weirdly awkward due to lack of social interaction. 🤪😜🤡