Free Videos on Straightness and Collection from USEF Network

USEF Network has free videos with Dr. Deb Bennett from Equine Studies Institute.

PDF on Lessons From Woody: On Teaching Your Hose To Carry Himself Straight by Deb Bennett, Ph.D


Lessons from Woody, Part I Physical Straightening by Deb Bennett, Ph.D

Lessons from Woody, Part II Deep Straightening by Deb Bennett, Ph.D

True Collection: Loin Coiling and Raising the Base of the Neck by Deb Bennett, Ph.D

Riding Arena Footing and Management

Date: November 26, 2013 | 7 PM ET

Speaker: Dr. Ann Swinker | Penn State University

Cost: FREE

This webcast will explain the physical principles of arena footing and selection of arena footing materials. It will also introduce participants to the management of footing materials in an existing arena. Each riding surface will have advantages and shortcomings, and footing will change over time. This webcast will describe how to manage footing material, the principles of surface maintenance, and indications of when footing material needs to be amended or replaced. You will also learn why equestrian facilities are so concerned about dust control; and why prolonged dust exposure is a serious environmental and health hazard to horse or human.

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