The Loot

I snuck off to the local 4H tack sale Monday night to try to find shipping boots for a pony.

This specific annual tack sale is the mother of all tack sales. It’s 40,000 square feet of space that is utterly jam packed with horse related items being sold. There’s stuff piled on top of other stuff and every inch is filled.

When you first enter, it feels like Christmas just came. You want to dive in and never resurface. But… after walking around for a while it starts to feel a bit… overwhelming. Eventually your eyes can’t even focus anymore, and you randomly start bumping into people and merchandise. The throngs of people moving and milling about make it difficult to even walk down the aisles. It’s too hot and that winter sweater you’re wearing is making you sweat like a Michigander in a Florida summer. You see people you know, but all you can do is shout a hurried “hello” as the crowd pushes you down the aisle.

It’s crazy. Awesome, but crazy.

I had two items I really wanted. Shipping boots and a head guard for Joy. I want to pad her up for our first hauling journey this year. I walked the ENTIRE 40,000 sq feet before finding either of the items. Oodles and oodles of bridles, stirrups, saddles, halters, etc. There were cart harnesses, carts, itty-bitty saddles for little kids, clothes galore, jewelry, horse snacks, bits, spurs, more bits, and even girl scout cookies. I found one pair of shipping boots, and two choices in head guards. Slim pickings for the items I was there to purchase.

Shipping boots = $10.00
Head guard = $5.00

All of my shaving forks were missing tines, so I bought a new head.

Shavings fork head thingy = $8.00

I was winding my way back out of the throngs of people and tables when I stumbled on a polo wrap holder! I have wanted one of these for two years now. I thought it was display only at first. I was about to walk on when I realized someone was saying my name.


I look up and there’s a friend behind the table. This was her polo wrap rack! She sold it to me for $10. I was joking about how the polo’s needed to go with the rack, so she sold me those too for $10.

Polo wrap rack = $10.00
Polo wraps = $10.00

Total cost for all my loot = $43.00 + $1.00 to enter the tack sale.

Not too shabby and it satisfied my tack shopping cravings (for a while at least).  I did succumb to the impulse purchase of the polo wrap holder, but I really  wanted one of these. Currently all my wraps are strewn across the floor of the tack room in haphazard piles. This’ll be nice to keep things more organized!


Now that I have shipping boots and a head guard for Joy, we can begin the hauling adventures!

I may just buy a roll of bubble wrap, wrap that sucker up into a giant ball and roll her on to the trailer for shipping. Hahaha

Tack Room Cleaning

With the help of my hubby, and supervision from dad, I now have a functional tack room!!

So happy!!

There’s enough room available we can stock up on horse feed for the winter. Plus, a shelving unit for bandages, supplements, shampoos, etc. so I can keep those relatively dust free. Obviously room for my tack. I still need to buy bridle hooks.

I’m so excited!

When we first moved in, you couldn’t get to the tack room due to all the junk piled up around the door. Once we had cleared enough to open the door, I discovered the room was packed floor to ceiling with stuff. Most of it consisting of empty barrels, old tools with broken handles, old motors, etc. There was even a truck bed tool box in there.

So finally, nearly 7 months after we moved in, I can actually use the tack room as a tack room!

Woo Hoo!!!

I didn’t get before pics. I wish I had. Just take my word that it was an overloaded mess.

After Photos:

This is the back half. No more cobwebs all over the walls. You can see the floors!

And front half.

Hubby fixed the hole in the floor and did all the heavy lifting. Thank you, Hubby!

While we were at it, we switched out the round table for the rectangular one by the main door. It uses the space better.

Do you see the cat door? Hubby put that in last week. Now the cats can stop digging under the sliding door (jerks). And even the feral, “Hate All The Humans!”, cats have figured out how to use it. Yay!

Shot of the stalls…

When I came inside after a long day of cleaning and moving stuff, I found the couch stolen! AND they took my new blanket!
The audacity!!

This is what I do for fun on Saturdays. ; )