Series Champion!

I won Series Champion for Second Level at Waterloo!!

There were 9 rated shows for 2014, and I won Series Champion for the entire year! Woo Hoo!


I’m still walking on cloud nine.

This was my first rated show in 20 years, riding a grade horse  I was told to sell because she’d never be competitive at Second Level… and….  I won. I won! I can’t believe it. It’s taking all of my self-restraint not to skip down the hall singing ‘I won’ over and over.

It never even occurred to me that I’d be anywhere in the running for this.

I wonder if I get a ribbon, or if it’s simply the “honor of knowing” type award.

Also, I’d like to point out that Reserve Champ, Andrea, was riding an Oldenburg.
Just saying… 😉


If you want, you can read about my first rated show by clicking the links below:
Rated Show – Part 1
Rated Show – Part 2
Rated Show – Part 3 – Videos & Score Sheets


Rated Show Videos and Score Sheets – Part 3

I finally had a chance to upload the videos from the rated show. Unfortunately, I look like an ant in the videos. My husband did the best he could, but there wasn’t a good way to get closer to the action.

Rated Show Part 1
Rated Show Part 2



Second Level Test 2:

Second Level Test 3: Not recorded.


Second Level Test 2 Sat Results

Second Level Test 2 Saturday Results


Second Level Test 3 Sat Results

Second Level Test 3 Saturday Results




Second Level Test 2:

Second Level Test 3:


Second Level Test 2 Sun Results

Second Level Test 2 Sunday Results

Second Level Test 2 Sunday Score Sheet

Second Level Test 3 Sun Results

Second Level Test 3 Sunday Results


Second level Test 3 Sunday Score Sheet

Rated Show Update – Part 2

Our second class on Saturday was Second Level Test 3. Ava was less nervous, but still tense when we trotted around to the judges stand.

All I can remember from this test is I felt like it went okay, but I messed up here and there. I could tell Ava was a bit tired. She tried her heart out though.  In the end we scored a 64.048%. Not bad for only our second attempt at that test.

Sunday it rained in the morning but the footing was good by afternoon. Our first test was Test 3, which threw me off a little. For some reason I was extremely nervous on Sunday and ended up starting our warm up 30 minutes early. Bad call on my part. By the time we got to the test poor Ava was pooped. I was a dissapointed in myself for not timing the warm up better and for letting Ava get off balance a few times during the test.

Our last ride of the day was Second Level Test 2. This time we made it to the warm up with about 7 minutes to spare. We did a quick check of responsiveness, and in we went. I was so tired. I felt like I was just hanging on while Ava carried me through the test. Ava did a great job carrying me though. She was a bit heavy and on her forehand a bit, but overall it was smooth.

Final Scores
Second Level Test 2 – 67.105% First place
Second Level Test 3 – 64.048% First Place

Second Level Test 2 – 64.737% First Place
Second Level Test 3 – 66.786% First Place

We also won the USDF/Dover Saddlery Medal for the 66.786% on our last ride!The USDF/Dover Saddlery Medal is presented to the highest scoring Second Level adult amateur of the show. You also get a $20 gift certificate when you win the Dover Medal.

In addition, Ava and I also won the Second Level Adult Amateur Championship.


Overall, a very successful and awesome show. I still can’t believe we did so well. I went in to the show not expecting to place at all. My only goal was to score oveer 60 at my first rated show as an adult.





Also, you know it’s been over 20 years since I’ve gone to a rated show. I expected the people to be less friendly than they were. Everyone I met at the show was amazing, friendly, willing to give a hand or whatever you might need. It was the friendliest show I’ve ever gone to. The staff was amazing too. I had so much fun, and even the big name trainers were friendly. It was awesome!

Oh, unrelated to dressage. I get to work on Monday morning feeling all good about my awesome weekend and I promptly get yelled at by three different people. Luckily my job keeps me humble. Very humble. I wish it would do a bit less of a good job in teaching me humility.

I registered for a Rated Show

I am officially entered in a rated show! Woo Hoo! I have three weeks to become a dressage super star.

Ha! I just freaked myself out.

I signed up for Second Level Test 2 and Test 3. I debated for several agonizing hours over which level to do, and which tests. The safe bet would’ve been First 3 and Second 1. But… I really have a blast in the last two Second level tests. Those two tests are fast paced and challenging, and when Ava is “on” she can make the movements seem effortless and floaty. Of course, when we’re not “on”, we can really make a mess of it. Anyway, I settled on ‘fun’ rather than safe. I may regret that later. 😉

I should probably clip Ava this week. And I need a real stock tie for this event. I lost my show glooves somewhere… I’m hoping they’re just misplaced. I need to memorize the tests to a T before the show. I have so much work to do!!

I’m so excited!