One skip and a jump

I get an all expenses paid trip to Texas in a couple of weeks!

It’s for work. I’ve never been flown anywhere for a job before. I hope my employer doesn’t expect this often. I have horses to ride, and clinics to attend, and shows to go to!!  😉

Too bad they’re not sending me to Wellington. Naw… I’d never get any work done.

Since Ava is getting better, I don’t feel as anxious about leaving her for a few days.

Did I tell you my vet called me to ask about her? How sweet is that?!

My co-worker was so happy about not having to go to TX that he bought me a bottle of RumChata and Honey Jack. I was looking at my kitchen counter today and for a lady that hardly ever drinks, I sure do have a lot of alcohol. Wishful thinking about my social life, or survivalist prepared for any major disaster?

It’s almost Christmas, and I’ve got a cold. I just want to sleep, but the coughing keeps me awake. I keep dozing off whenever I sit down for a minute.
** snore ***

Second I lay down though… ** hack, cough, hack **

I’m exhausted.

I bought myself a Christmas gift. It’s a Walgreens made wooden canvas with custom pictures of Ava, Joy, and Jess.

Yeah, it’s pretty fly.

I was getting some pictures of my neighbor and her boarder printed up (for Christmas gifts), and figured I’d get my ponies pictures printed too. I wanted to hang some in the tack room, which is notoriously unkind to paper, so I thought I’d try the wooden canvas. Amazingly cheap to have this made.

I had a collage made for the neighbor. It was less than the cost of a greeting card.

Not the best pictures, but it seems the majority of my pictures of them are taken from the rear. Not the most flattering angle for most people.

I should’ve ridden today, but I feel wobbly and a bit dizzy. I think Joy will survive a few days of no work. 🙂

Merry Christmas everyone!