Up in the air

My index finger on my left hand no longer bends without pain.  This is from mangling it in the stall door last October/November. I can’t remember now.

This winter has been difficult. Ava was getting better, but in February came up lame again. I can’t seem to control her food enough to get the weight off her. Not unless I starve poor Jessie. So as soon as the ground thawed some, hubby and I built Ava her own paddock/dry lot.




We spent 6 hours on Saturday building the framework. I hurt in places I’d forgotten existed. I begged the hubby to delay putting up the metal portion until the following day because my arms felt like rubber.

Next day, we spent 2 hours getting drenched in frigid temps to finish the fence. Welll, hubby was drenched. I had a rain coat, but still, it was miserable. We should’ve just finished it the previous day.

My procrastination foiled me again.


The finished product is working fantastic. I’m able to control Ava’s feed to a T. Ava seems quite happy with her little plot of land.


I also had the vet out last week to draw blood for IR and Cushings to see if there’s a metabolic issue at play with Ava. Plus, Ava’s got a mean case of thrush, and nothing I’ve tried has gotten rid of it. Vet gave me some stuff to squish in there, but Ava’s decides she’s over it and that she’ll just jump on me instead. Luckily I had my trusty hoof pick and poked her in the shoulder before she could complete her evasive maneuvers. Still managed to twist my mangled finger around though.

I also had Joys hoof x-rayed (the club foot). Vet said a Grade 1.5 to 2 out of 4 on the severity scale, but it’s manageable with proper hoof care. Part of me worried that inside that hoof was a right mess… I felt better after the x-ray.

Amazing what can change in a few days.

March 5th:


March 9th:


Barn Improvements

My Hubby has been a superstar the past couple of months. He’s rewired the entire barn, added outlets next to each stall, hooked up lights in each stall, and rewired the tack room with its own light and outlet.

No more motion activated light in the tack room which convienently goes out 15 seconds after I walk in. Yay!

We now have outlets to plug in the heated water buckets, and anything else I may need.





Plus, he replaced the motion activated light on the back deck of the house with a regular light, and fixed the light over the barn door.

We also had gravel brought in yesterday to try to tame this bog pit of a paddock. Hubby took the fencing down to allow the dump trucks to access the paddock. image

You probably can’t tell from this picture, but the whole far side consists of a couple feet of the thickest, slimiest, nastiest muck I’ve ever seen. When it rains, the water just sits there turning it into a gooey mess. When it freezes, the muck turns into treacherous crevices and lumps. It’s rather ironic, really. The entire property is sand. Sand as deep as you can dig. Yet the paddock has the blackest, thickest muck I’ve ever seen outside of swamp land.

The entrances to each stalls has at least a 2 foot drop from the stall to the paddock ground.

We had 43 tons of gravel dropped off. At $5.60 a ton. Then we had to pay to have it delivered, which cost more than the gravel itself.  Poor Hubby. They were supposed to deliver it at 8:30am, but they didn’t show up until 11 with the first load. Hubby had to call them to find out what was going on. They said they couldn’t find their driver! I’m pretty sure that’s not something you should tell a customer.

Anyway, it was finally all delivered, no one got stuck, and the yard survived.


This is Zeus approved gravel!


Hubby spent the afternoon trying to spread the gravel out, but all we’ve got is a lawn mower with a little lawn mower sized blade on it, and some shovels and a rake.
This might take a while.

But… I’m really excited about this. I’ll be able to use the paddock as a paddock again! Yay!