Ava’s progress

6 weeks since stopped all work.
3 weeks on stall rest. Going into 4th week next week.

The first day (day I moved Ava to this barn), Ava came off the trailer extremely sore even at the walk. She was immediately put on stall rest.

She’s improved significantly in three weeks. Left hind reaches more forward, with less stabby movement. The left still isn’t as freely forward and swinging as the right. However, I am seeing a good improvement in how she moves the leg. Before, she would appear more sound but it still seemed jerky. Now, she seems more fluid.

I’m hesitant to see this as a good sign though, because when I was still riding her (** God I feel awful for that) she had days where she didn’t look lame. And then a few days later she’d be so lame that even non-horse people could see it.

When I trot her out now I’ve had the barn owner (experienced with performance horses) take a look. The barn owner thinks Ava looks like she’s sore in the hip area. The latest vet stopped at the stifle, so it could be that there are a combination of issues going on.

I had the chiropractor adjust Ava two weeks ago in hopes that it would help fix any compensation issues. I don’t know if helped or not. I can’t tell.

The 30 days of stall rest end December 1st. I’m going to ask the barn owner to start turning her out in the round pen for a few hours each day and gradually lengthening the time. Maybe do that for 2 or 3 weeks, and then she’ll have to go out with a new herd of horses in a pasture she’s unfamiliar with. I can’t keep her on stall rest indefintely, and Ava would lose her mind if I did.

I don’t really know what to do at this point. Ava’s grumpy and getting irate with the lack of freedom. I’m worried turnout with a new herd will undo any healing that happened. Plus, everything is snow covered and icy to boot. Great combo for an injured horse. *roll eyes*



Ava was thoroughly displeased with me yesterday.  Not one nicker of greeting, no happy ears… she tolerated me as long as I scratched her itchy spots and fed her treats.

** I was still riding her because the other vet said it was arthritis. And I stopped riding as soon as I realized he was wrong.