You will meet Jesus!

Ava and I had a “Come to Jesus” moment tonight. She decided she was going to try to kick me while I was cleaning her stall.

Joy and Jessie ran out of the barn, and away from their evening meals, while Ava and I had our little “talk”.

Now Ava is giving me the “I’m so sweet. I’d never hurt a fly” routine.


I was beating myself up about Ava’s well-being when I quipped to my hubby that I should sell all my horses – for their own good.

He says “we couldn’t pay people enough to take them”.


It’s funny ’cause its true.

At least, it is for Ava and Jessie. Joy’s a sweetheart, but Jessie’s is 800 years old, and Ava’s idea of a fun time is playing chicken with you. Who will flinch first? Always gotta keep one eye on her…