My work is promoting a fitness program for all employee’s. We track steps and workouts to earn points toward health care. 

I’m cleaning stalls, feeding, sweeping, stacking hay, etc and still barely breaking 5k steps a day (compared to the 14k steps my co-workers are getting). 

So the other day I’m tossing hay in the pasture and realize a tree fell on the fence in the back. I walk out (Joy following me like “Ooh, what’cha doing?!? Are we playing?!”). It’s a good sized tree. I was contemplating grabbing the electric chainsaw, but I’m lazy and didnt want to walk all the way back to the house (this may be why my step count sucks). So I grab the end of the tree sticking into the pasture and lift, and shove, and twist it until I can slide it off the fence onto the other side of the pasture.

At this point I’m feeling preeeetty darn good about myself. I, Hercules, single handedly moved an entire tree by myself! Raaarrrwww! 

Alright, I confess… the tree was dead. Like really, really dead.


They didn’t have an equivalent work-out option on the fitness tracker for “Moved Giant Tree”. Do I put that under Yoga, or Cycling? 


(Hubby cut it up and moved it off the path. I have the best Hubby ever!)

Torture, Mayhem, and Cookies

I finally set up my “home gym” in the basement. We’ve lived here nearly a year, and I’m just now getting to it.

I’m obviously a die hard fitness fanatic.



Day 1:


I made it 8 minutes into a 20 minute workout video for beginners.


Day 2:


20 Burpees
20 Mountain Climbers
20 Lunges each leg.
A bunch of leg lifts, etc.
some jumping jacks.
ran out of things to try, so I quit and went and had a cup of hot chocolate……

Day 3:

I had the worst muscle spasms in my back while cleaning stalls so I skipped day 3.

I lounged around on the couch waiting for my back to ease up while these two laid in my lap.


Good workout!

Day 4:

I busted out a mile in well under 40 minutes.

I’m so awesome!

I bet no one could beat that time.

Day 5:

What? Again?

Maybe tomorrow.

Day 6:

I’m going to try these today:
20-minute Barre Interval Workout – https://youtu.be/-fdwW8M1cAI
Hip Opening – https://youtu.be/SghA-ax1ubc

I’ll see if I can make it past 8 minutes this time.  🙂