Those rides where it all goes right

I’ve been working on walk/canter transitions the past couple of months, but our canter/walk attempts have been HORRIBLE!

I got the BEST canter to walk transition today! It was… a big girl canter to walk trans! Balanced, engaged, and she just walked forward into the transition.

I was so floored and happy I immediately hopped off and quit. I figured we couldn’t possibly top that today.

Ultimate effort from this pony!

She’s just amazing!

New photos:

As you can see, we’re still too short in the neck. I get more moments of longer neck, but not consistent (yet).

Leg Yield

Aspire Equestrian Monthly Virtual Training Challenge – Christmas Special

I saw a post on Aspire Equestrian’s blog for a training challenge! I love challenges, and I love free help. So of course I want in on this!!

Training Challenge


  • film 1-2 min of clear footage of one issue you would like a training plan for
  • embed it on your blog in a post titled “Aspire Equestrian Monthly Virtual Training Challenge – Christmas Special” and a short description of what you are trying to achieve and what you are doing on the problem right now.
  • send me a link to your blog post as a comment to this post

Avandarre’s Response to the Challenge:

What we are trying to achieve: Clear, energetic, and relaxed canter-to walk transitions is what I’m working on.

What we are doing currently to get there:  I stole an exercise from a video I watched a couple of weeks ago. The concept was to do a simple change at A, E, C, and B. At each letter, take the opposite lead. So A = true, E = Counter, C = true, B = Counter, etc.

Also working on haunches-in, counter canter, shoulder-in, and half-pass. With a focus on trying to keep my upper body centered and balanced (I have an issue with that).

Our embedded video. Voilà!