Moved to new barn yesterday

I moved Ava to her new barn yesterday. She’ll be on stall rest for the next 30 days.

Luckily, she has a nice big stall with lots of air flow and she can see outside from both the front and back of her stall.

I forgot my phone in the car, so didn’t get any pics. I’ll take some today.

I feel bad that she’s stuck in a stall. And yesterday as I was leaving the new barn, I felt like I was abandoning my child to strangers. I hope it works out. On the plus side, they are more than willing to help with Ava’s care. If she needs hand walking, and I can’t get there to do it, they said they can do it.

We’ll see how it goes. I’m still thrilled that they have heated bathrooms in the barn. Ha!

Finding a new barn…

Well, I think I’ve found a barn to move Ava to. It is too expensive, but we’re going to try to make it work through the winter. I’m thinking that if I can move her in the summer to a cheaper facility than it will offset the increase over the winter.

Hubby seems optimistic that we can afford this. I’m a pessimist…. so we’re going to go broke, lose our house, and have to sell the horse. Haha :/

The new barn seems nice. I’m super excited about the trails. 200 acres of land, plus it butts up against a preserve, and another farm with even more trails. I’ve really missed trail riding this year. Plus it has a heated lounge and heated bathrooms which will be very appreciated this winter.

It was pretty deserted when we got there though. I found that a bit depressing. And it’s basically a jumper barn. Jumps are set up year round. They seemed to have it set up well so that there were large patches for flat work. There were also clear diagonal lines available and the BO said she tries to keep it set up so dressage riders can get their work done without too many hassles.

I don’t know…. we’ll see. But if this place won’t work then it’s getting pretty late in the year to get a spot in a barn with an indoor. Most of those barns are full, or close to it, by now (the decent ones are).

Thundering Hooves & Ramblings

Yesterday I went out to the barn for a quick second to say Hi to Ava and give her some apples.  She’s out in the pasture, head down eating grass, when I arrive. I walked down to her pasture, open the gate, and walk into the pasture. When I look up, I see Ava barreling toward me. Head up, mane flowing, white legs lifted high. She is headed straight for me in a big, fast trot.  Two feet in front of me Ava suddenly stops and politely sniffs my outstretched hand.

I don’t know quite when it happened, but somewhere along the way I started trusting Ava. That wasn’t there that long ago. It used to be that if she turned away from me I would scurry backward a safe distance from her hind hooves. Or when she came racing up to me I’d quickly duck behind the gate to give her a solid wall to stop in front of. But lately, when she turns away from me I may run my hand down her rump for fun, but I don’t worry about her kicking me. Or yesterday, with her zooming at me, it didn’t even cross my mind that she wouldn’t stop. It was one of those moments where you kind of go “Huh, that’s cool”.20130814_192519

Anyway, I’ve spent this week just spending some time with Ava: no riding and no demands on her to perform. We’ll pick up again with training on Sunday. I really miss having my horse at home with me. Being able to spend time with the horse in their own environment without any constraints, or pressure, on them is a great way to build trust and harmony with the horse. Finding time to do that with a full time job when the horse is boarded is difficult. At least it’s a lot easier now that Ava is closer.

I’m having issues with people moving my saddle at the barn. I normally wouldn’t care, but they put my saddle on the highest rack. I literally can only reach the bottom of the leg flap when it’s on that rack. And I can’t figure out why they move it. There’s only 2 of us that ride regularly at the barn and the person moving my saddle is not one of those two. My feeling is that if you can’t come to the barn regularly, then you don’t get the good saddle racks. If you ride all the time (i.e. have to grab your saddle every day), then you should get a saddle rack that’s not such a pain to use. You want prime real estate, then show up and ride!

ETA: Now you’re asking yourself, “if they never show up, why is your saddle always moved?”. Well, you caught me… I over exaggerated, it’s only been three times. But still, it’s annoying.