V is for Vicariously

I’m going to have to spend this year living dressage vicariously through other people. So, everyone who has a dressage blog (even if it’s not all dressage), post your link in the comments section!

U is for Unhinged

I am not having a good day.

It started with the dogs….

I was running late for work. I still needed to feed the horses. The dogs insist on coming to the barn with me in the mornings. Today, it’s wander, wander.. sniff, sniff.. they take their time heading toward me when I call. Ava’s kicking her stall wall now. Jessie is squealing at Ava. Everyone is banging walls to express their displeasure.

I hate rewarding the behavior, but I’ve gotta get them fed and out so I can leave.

I finally get the dogs hustled into the barn, feed the horses, toss the hay out, and the hose is frozen solid. They have a couple of half full buckets that are frozen over in the pasture. Aaaarrrrgghhhh…

Chastise dogs as they slowly walk back to house. They need to do their business eight million times in sniff approved places.

Get inside. I’m covered in hay. It’s down my shirt. It itches.

Con hubby into watering later am (when hose thaws).  I promise to be home by lunch to take Jessies blanket off and let her out.

Construction on highway. Crazy drivers.

Get to work 15 minutes late and one of my bosses is already there. It’s 7:15am. He’s chipper. I’m ready to rip the smile off his face.

Check the emails… people I’ve never heard of want me to demo code changes directly to clients. Ick.

Work on items. Nothing works. I can’t find the problem. Hours go by, and I’m still looking. I narrow it down to one file that generates a pdf. I can’t get it to run on my local environment. Nothing works. I try a hack on a QA link. I’ve done it a thousand times before with no problems… but today I break the link and no reports will run now. I spend the rest of the day trying to fix that. I fail. Repeatedly.


I get home and go out to catch Joy. Ava wont let me near Joy. She chases Joy off and shadows me. So I shoo Ava off. Joy high tails it out of there, then Ava runs off too. All of them ran away. And ran. And ran. And ran. I decide to try the old “make ’em run til they’re tired” approach. I kept it up for all of 100 feet before I was gasping and wheezing. My pasture suddenly seems like it’s 6 miles long.

I go back inside. I’m angry now, so I log in and try to fix the link I broke. Still broken. Still no clue how to fix it… even more frustrated.

I kick the empty wastebasket as hard as I can. I flies up, bounces against a box and hits me in the chest.


Still trying to fix the stupid link….

Horses are back up near the barn so I go back out to catch Joy. Nope. As soon as I get close to Joy, Ava flattens her ears at Joy and threatens her. I shoo Ava away, Joy goes flying toward the far end of the pasture… Ava galloping after her. I throw the halter and rope as hard as I can out of the pasture. I threaten to turn them all into dog food and stomp back to the house.

Link still broken.

Horses still being free agents.

Wastebasket is unrepentant.

T is for Tasers

I bet life would be a lot more amenable if I could Taser everything I wanted. 

Friends stand you up? Taser.

Long lines at the check out? Taser ’em!

Family not co-operating? Light those suckers up!



Every month we have a software patch release. What this really means is the last week of every month is a mad dash to get all of the items done. Just because you got yours done, doesn’t mean you won’t be given more. Or you might get someone else’s items if they can’t get them done before cutoff.
Either way, it is always hectic, long hours, and stressful.

I finished all my items, so my boss gave me another item (which will be impossible to get done by the cutoff date). He asks can I get it done in time?

Well, of course!


Tasers… useful in office environments too.

I haven’t worked/ridden Joy since Saturday. Almost a week. It’s not very easy to keep to a consistent schedule when the weather won’t cooperate. I miss having an indoor. Like REALLY miss it. Heck, I’d be thrilled to just have a level surface at this point…

I feel guilty about not working with her more.

I need to get a spot to ride set up. It’s too difficult using the pasture. I have to bring in Jessie and Ava and lock them up first. It works ok, but I’ve found that anything that makes things take more time, or effort, are easy things to use as excuses. For instance, today it’s very very cold, windy, and I’ve been up since 4:40am. I’m already over it just thinking about it…

That’s pathetic, isn’t it? I should be out there every day working my ponies. Rain or shine! Real horse people do that!

Screw it! Tomorrow it’ll be above freezing again. I can’t stand the cold!!!

S is for Silver Linings

It is snowing today! With the sun shining, and big flakes of snow, it kind of made for a pretty view.

It can go away now!


Joy’s grazing while Ava tries to con some treats out of me.


Ava has long chin whiskers.


My neighbor, who’s been in Florida the past month, is finally home! She also has horses, and enjoys trail riding. I’ve been dying to go trail riding with her. This is the same lady I boarded Ava with a few years ago (when I first got Ava). Anyway, she brought me flowers! She’s so sweet!


I hacked Joy’s mane off tonight.

I didn’t do a very good job with the top part. I’ll have to even it out later when I can tie her somewhere where there’s more light. She was bobbing around, trying to sniff everything. In person, it makes her look more streamlined, less disheveled. Then again, I’m partial to the shorter manes.


Like I mentioned, it’s cold and snowy today. It snowed so hard for a while that it actually coated everything. Thankfully it melted quickly. However, I went out to clean stalls after work and found the old gal, Jessie, shivering. The only blankets I own were Ava’s, and Jessie looks like she’s swimming in them. But I threw that on her, shut the barn up, and brought the other horses in for communal heat sources. She’s fine now, but I had assumed that because she had shelter that blocked the wind, and plenty of hay, that she’d stay warm enough. She’s still got most of her winter hair! I guess I was wrong.

She is 30… if she were human, she’d be living in Florida by now.

I’ll have to invest in some Jessie sized blankets for different weather conditions.

I spelled weather wrong when typing that and my phone auto-corrected it to “eat her”.
Sick phone I’ve got here.


A few months ago I inquired on a young warmblood mare listed for sale near me. Beautiful horse, awesome mover, fantastic temperment, and priced low (6k). The issue was that she had a hind suspensory injury previously. And the owner stated there were ‘irregularities’ in that leg. I really wanted her, but hubby and I decided we don’t have the money for “irregularities”.

Anyway, an acquaintance (who is a professional) bought the mare. I’m curious to see how the horse develops. I’m betting she goes like a top, sound as can be, for the next 10-20 years for this lady. If I’d bought the mare, she would’ve ended up lame two days after I got her home, with a career ending “irregularity”.

Money makes horse buying so much simplier. You can take some risks, you can handle the vet bills, you can go all out to determine how risky an irregularly is.. I’m going to have to save up for a long time if I ever plan on getting a warmblood in the future.

R is for… R.E.S.P.E.C.T. Find out what it means to me

Who doesn’t love that song? Go listen to it https://youtu.be/6FOUqQt3Kg0

I’m teaching Joy to wait for me to give the okay before she attacks her food. She’s not terrible about food, but she is a bit demanding about it. I’m trying to reinforce that I get space to do whatever I need to do and she has to wait for me to finish. So far, she’s a quick learner. And she’s so sweet, that all I really need to do is wave my hand a bit and she backs off.

I bought a new helmet. Nothing fancy. Mine was old, and I’ve needed one for a while. Now that I’m on a green horse again, I figured I’d better invest in noggin’ protection. It’s blue. It’s ugly. I don’t really care as long as it works.

I have video of riding Joy finally put together. This is from this past week, and it’s the second and third time I’ve ridden her since I brought her home. Please overlook the crappy riding, yucky bridle, and overall unsightliness of the entire endeavor.

By the way.. it’s crappy music, but my hubby is NSFW so I muted the actual sound. It seemed odd as a silent film. 😉

Thank you to my wonderful Hubby for video taping and lending me moral support!!

Q is for Quality or Quantity

If I clean the house super well for 5 minutes, that should be the equivalent of 30 minutes of ‘normal’ cleaning, right? Doesn’t quality vs quantity apply to house cleaning?

I suspect it doesn’t….

We now have a bit that (I think) fits Joy. It’s 4.5 inches long. Its so little!!

She seems to be much more comfortable with it in. I haven’t tried riding her with it yet. We’ll see.. I suck at fitting bits. I’m never quite sure if it’s right.

All I need now is a super short saddle, under $400, that fits my tubby butt. Then we’ll be rockin’!


Saturday I was supposed to meet two friends at a speed and action show. Neither showed up. One was stuck at a trade show all day, and I knew she was a maybe from the get-go. The other one though… She was the one that had asked to get together. I had to drive an hour, round trip, in order to get stood up. Not my idea of a fun Saturday night.



We moved a treadmill out of our basement yesterday. My poor hubby. I wasn’t strong enough to lift the darn thing. I gave ‘er all I had… totally not enough. Hubby was at the base of it (heavy end), while I struggled in vain with the light end.

I want a do-over weekend, with no heavy lifting.


J is for Joy

I thought I’d dedicate this post to my new pony, Margie’s Joy.

It’ll be one week tomorrow that I’ve owned Joy. My thumb still hurts from the trailer fiasco. Ugh. I’m going to have to spend the summer working with her on trailering. I’m not looking forward to that. At least we have a sturdy trailer that’s safe.

Other than the trailering issue, I haven’t found much not to like about her. She’s funny. I caught her trying to befriend the crows that land in the pasture.  Of course the crows take off before she gets very close, but as soon as they land again she’s off to meet them.

She seems to be extremely vocal about everything. Food, friends, everything. She’s got all kinds of different neighs and whinny’s for every situation… from a deep, booming neigh that nearly makes you go deaf to a pre-teen girly scream. I don’t think I’ve ever heard so many different noises come out of one horse in my life.

She’s very person oriented. If I call her from the fence line she’ll run up to me and hang out as long as I want. She’ll leave her dinner to come say ‘Hi’. She seems to love attention, and enjoys being fussed over. Which is great, because I like fussing over horses.

So far, she’s been an absolute doll to handle. The previous owner mentioned that they lead her with a chain because sometimes she’d get strong, but so far she’s been very easy to handle/lead even in scary/tense situations. She skitters a bit when something scares her, but a light tug and she’s back. My only issue has been getting her to not invade my space. I don’t want her getting scared and bumping me, or running over me, but she’s catching on very quickly.

I’m eager to start riding her, but I’m lacking a suitable area to lunge or ride in. I’m not quite sure how to rectify this yet. I’d prefer something enclosed the first few times (in case I fall off).  There seems to be a relatively level area in the pasture, but I’m loath to use it because a.) there’s very little grass available in the pasture, and b.) the footing is slick after all the rain we’ve gotten. Otherwise, there’s a round pen in the field way behind the neighbors house I can use, but I noticed last week that some of the fencing was falling down.

I can’t quite read Joy’s expressions yet. I thought she was pissy at me earlier because I was rubbing her neck, but apparently that was her “scratch harder” look. She’s got some interesting expressions. Ha.

Anyway, I’m really enjoying having Joy.

I haven’t gotten any good pictures yet, so you’ll have to make due with these today. I’m hoping to get some video, or at least decent pics, this weekend.

Ava still chases Joy off from the gate, or whatever hay pile Ava decides she wants. But I’ve noticed they’re standing and eating closer together now. Another week and those two might actually be down right cordial. 😉






I is for Idjit

Co-workers and I were talking about an ant problem at work. You know why… people leaving food in/on their desks. I mentioned one individual whose desk I had taken over had left all kinds of crumbs and bits of food everywhere.

I said, “But don’t worry, I cleaned his drawers”.

That didn’t come out right…




It’s cold, raining, and high winds the past two days. Where is the SUN?!?!?!





And shameless plug..  my mom writes mystery novels.






I can’t blog today. I have to figure out why entitled distributions are pulling back wrong amounts.


I failed Math 098 four times in college.

I can at least count to four.

Why can’t I Maths?!?!