Pandemic Pandemonium

The neighbor’s new horse, Yogi, has settled in well.

Levi was not happy about the new gentleman intruder hanging around Joy. I had to separate Joy from them. Which was fine, because she really shouldn’t be on spring grass anyway. Last year I made her wear the muzzle and she hated every second of it. 😂

For the longest time, the two geldings just picked at each other. No real blow ups. Levi was big man and would push Yogi off the hay.

And then recently, Yogi realized he’s quicker and more athletic, and he decided to put Levi in his place.

The Battle

Yogi’s kick to Levi’s ribs was so loud I though someone broke something! As soon as I could, I raced over to Levi to check him over. He had a very visible hoof print at the girth area and I touched it (gently). As I’m focused on the side of him, Levi reached over and bit me in the butt!! Little turd. So I half-heartedly smacked him and sent him off to go be a brat with Yogi again.

I think that incident was all it took though. The boy’s are finally getting along now (for the most part).

Levi’s fine now. Tiny spot of hair missing. Sore for a day. And Yogi was no worse for wear. Whew!

With the whole pandemic closures up in the air, I’m struggling to know how to plan out the rest of the spring. Do i try to reintegrate Joy into the herd? If it’s only another two weeks, then why bother? Or will we be quarantined until middle of summer? How much hay will I need to buy?

I hate ambiguity. It causes me stress. 😬😬

2 thoughts on “Pandemic Pandemonium

  1. It’s always interesting to see herd dynamics. Charm took a couple of whacks from Penny when Penny got reintroduced to the herd a few weeks ago. We knew it was coming, just didn’t know how long it would take. Charm is pretty stubborn, and sometimes stupider than she ought to be! Now for the most part they just stay out of each other’s way. It also didn’t help that Penny is built like a tank and Charm is only about half a tank.

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