Everything’s Fine. Eek

How have things been going since the last installment, you ask?

Everything’s fine.

I now have the most collected canter possible on Joy.

In fact, I can’t seem to get her unstuck.

We’re walk, trot, and bounce in place (then sputter out and fall to pieces).

I have completely lost the left lead.

I have no idea what I’m doing and have no business training a horse.

I have a lesson this coming Saturday, and the plan was to introduce flying changes to Joy. This has been my dream for decades… to learn how to teach a correct flying change. I’m on the cusp of learning… and I have ruined my horse’s canter 5 days before the lesson. Aaaarrrgghh!

Also, this lesson is the last lesson I can have this year. If we can’t work on flying changes this lesson, then I have to wait 7 months for my next lesson (and hope like hell the trainer still wants to train me and is still willing to come to our area).

Either way… I went from low 60’s to high 60’s at First Level this year with only 4 lessons from this trainer. Pretty darn impressive.

3 thoughts on “Everything’s Fine. Eek

  1. I overheard a famous British Olympian once say:”I’ve lost my ones. I had them and now this week there are gone.I hope they come back before the show.” She was showing Grand Prix . Things come and go. Maybe the trainer can help with the canter and then move on to the changes in the same lesson.

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  2. If you don’t have your canter back by the time of your lesson it’s not really a loss. If you’ve lost a lead it could mean several things you need to work on before flying changes anyway. Joy may be trying to rebalance herself as she gets used to a new way of going (from your previous lessons) and doesn’t have it to the left side yet. She may be hurting for some reason that makes it more difficult to pick up the left lead. God forbid the rider may have shifted her balance and that’s throwing the horse off! Anyway, the great Philippe Karl says work up to flying change by developing the counter canter and lateral work–including renvers on the circle in walk, trot, and canter. Cantering in renvers can be a fun challenge! This is all something you can always do on your own in those 7 months…oh yeah, and stop that crazy idea that you have no business training a horse. Please.


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