Second attempt at online show shines light on crappy rider

Today was the last day to enter the last online show of the year for Better Dressage Scores.

Video of the test submission:


For fun, comment your guess on the final score below.
You won’t hurt my feelings if it’s extremely low. I have thick skin. 

This whole thing has really shown me that I suck. I mean, seriously! Why am I leaning?!? And what is going on with my shoulders? I look like a sack of potatoes up there. No, wait.. at this point, I’m pretty sure a sack of potatoes could sit up there straighter than I did.


And!! And!!! Normally the free walk on a loose rein is Joy’s strong suit. This time.. ugh. She only wanted to rip the reins out of my hands and barge forward. There was no lengthening over the top line. It was just rip and go. Bleck!! Same with the stretchy trot. It SUCKED!

I was happy with the canter departs. The right lead strike off at C is on a downward slope. That depart is difficult for Joy to do successfully.  Any other spot in the arena would be a thousand times easier than right at C, going downhill. I hate that spot.

(Extremely) brief moments in the trot work were nice. I felt she showed more bend in this video submission than she did the last time I submitted a video for this show series (I still lost her shoulders a lot, but moments of better bend in there).

My guess for final score is 60%.

What’s your guess?


5 thoughts on “Second attempt at online show shines light on crappy rider

  1. I don’t think judges ding the rider’s equitation much unless the rider is actually interfering with the horse. I didn’t see that in this video. I did see a horse with a lot of “go” in her, which accounts for all the things you mentioned (stretchy trot, lengthening etc) but that would lower the collective marks in the “submission” department, which I believe is now called something else.
    It would be easier to judge things like accuracy if the camera were just parked on a wide shot at C, so everything is from the judge’s POV and you can always see the entire horse and rider. It looked to me like accuracy could be better in a couple of spots (canter circle, up center line to final salute) but it’s hard to tell on some movements when the camera is following the rider.
    All in all I thought it was much better than most that I see at schooling shows but I can’t give you a score estimate without knowing the judge and what that judge usually focuses on. As far as my own mare is concerned, anything above the 50’s is super for her. So don’t beat yourself up for this ride. Joy is a lovely forward horse with expressive gaits who just needs to listen more to her rider.

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    • Thanks, Ali. I definitely gave up a lot of potential points by not being accurate on the circles and lines.

      I’m not sure with this judge. I hadn’t heard of her before. She’s a little r judge. I paid for the additional comments again, so it’ll be interesting to hear what she says and what she focuses on.

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  2. My guess would be a 60% at the lowest and up to 64%. I am a super critical judge when I try to watch a test and guess the score though. What I liked was how steady Joy was in the bridle. She looked very workmanlike and focused on her job. Both halts were very nice, and she did have nice bend throughout. Rider position and effective use of the aids shoul get you a nice score.

    To my eye, everything was there which is why a 60% should be the lowest you earned. Other moments were quite nice which is where you might pick up some points. The test didn’t sparkle, that’s how we get those 70 plus scores, but it was pleasant and harmonious.

    I think you should be quite pleased with the progress you’ve made with Joy. She looks like a nice pony with a great attitude.

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