I jumped a Vertical!

I had a private jumping lesson last Wednesday.. because, I’m special.

Ok.. fine, no one wanted to ride with me. lol

This lesson I was able to do something bigger than a cross rail!


And I didn’t lose my lunch about it either!

It was awesome!!

It wasn’t the smoothest round on my part. I had a few moments where I came back too soon, the first jump I accidentally bumped the poor pony in the mouth a bit (oops). I lost my reins going over one. I’m not sure what’s worse, that I lose them so often it doesn’t phase me, or that I lose them so often. haha

No reins and I still nailed the straight away, away from the jump.

What I was really proud of was that I felt more secure this lesson, with a strong base under me. I felt… locked in.  Like my base was immovable, so the rest of me could adjust to whatever the pony needed (sort of).

It felt really good. I felt confident.

And, it was a BLAST!!! So addicting!


I’m trying to figure out a way to practice two point while I’m working from home. Eight to ten hours of (let’s be frank) slouching like a boneless lump of flesh in a chair is not going to help my riding.  I have an exercise ball. I actually use it frequently while working, but I am the Master of Lazy. I can slouch like a mo’ fo’ on that exercise ball for HOURS!

So.. I was thinking… “What IF…. I put a saddle ON the exercise ball?!?!?!?!”

Mind blown, right?!

I tried it. It kind of works. Harder then heck to stay balanced on it, and I probably should wear a helmet sitting on that contraption, but it definitely works the balance muscles.

Fairly certain I’m going to bash my head into the desk at some point soon sitting on it.

Might be worth it though. hahaha

Mass production limited to midgets only. I can’t imagine a regular sized person being able to fold their legs up enough to ever make it work. If you do, I need pics, ’cause that would be hilarious to see.


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