Cross-Rail Queen

I’m still doing the jumping lessons. Having a blast with it. The instructor is focusing a lot on the rider position. Which is great, but my body disagrees.

I’ve found it interesting learning the new positions and how to stabilize my upper body (especially over a jump). Prior to jump lessons, I didn’t realize I used the ball of my foot to balance off. I thought I had my weight in my heel. After a few times being thrown forward on a tiny jump, and I realized I really wasn’t sinking into my heel. I think it’s helped my dressage riding learning this.

The lesson prior to this last one, we started on counting strides to a fence. I thought I wouldn’t have an issue with this. I can count strides! I can count them on a circle, I can count them down a wall, I can count them as we wiggle, I can count them down the hall…

Put a fence in front of me and ask me to estimate three strides out and start counting… HA! Nope. Can’t do it…

Even with the instructor counting FOR ME.
Nope, couldn’t do it…

It was like patting my head and rubbing my stomach. If I counted, I couldn’t ride the jump. If I rode, I couldn’t count. Haha

I realized recently that I’ve been taking twice a month jumping lessons for about 8 months now (approx 16 lessons). When I started, I was still nervous about going over ground poles. Cross-rails seemed like an 8 foot wall, and made me almost nauseous to even think about going over one. Last lesson… I’m now bored of cross-rails. I’m actually pretty darn proud of that fact. I never thought I’d get comfortable enough to think a cross-rail was ‘boring’. Woo Hoo!

Not sure where I want to go with this whole jumping thing still, but I conquered a big fear I had, and I’m pretty darn proud about it!

Of course, put me on a horse that has a big jump, or isn’t quite as experienced, and I’m sure my tune will change real quick. haha

I would like to share that I am covered, head to toe, in poison ivy.

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