Slap me upside the head

Some days I’m surprised I can get through life at all.

As long as I’ve owned Ava, she’s thrown her head up. She’s been doing it since the day I bought her back in 2011. Example:

It was always explained as a training problem to me.

2018, this thought popped into my head, “What if it’s the bit?!”

Switched her to a french link and…

she’s sooooooooooooooo much better.

I feel like the densest person in the world!

Been riding her in it for a few months now, and the head thing has almost completely gone away.


2 thoughts on “Slap me upside the head

  1. It’s hardly ever “just a training thing”…that’s what the symptom looks like, until you address the cause. Glad you found her preference for a different bit. Who the heck knows what goes on inside a horse’s mouth? It’s not like we can put a little camera in there and peek at the goings-on! 😋

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