Hiatus Over

I think I’m past the worst of the crazy events this year. Time to get back to.. *drum roll*.. . blogging about horse adventures!

First, I’d like to introduce you to my new farm dog, Polar.

9 week old, Great Pyrenees.

I got him last week, and have heard nothing but horror stories about the breed’s independent streak since then.

He’ll out weigh me in a few months.

This’ll go great! 😂

Ava and Joy are doing better, and we’ve got some fun activities planned whenever the weather improves again.


Ava thought it too bright out

I have a post I’m working on about the ag department and hay analysis (as soon as I get the rest of the info i need), and I’m hoping to have some more entertaining posts coming soon.

So, stay tuned. And I hope you’re all having a great time riding!

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