Feral cats

When we bought this house,  it came with 20+ cats.  Most of them to some degree of feral. We’ve been trying to get all of them fixed as we have money,  but it’s been… challenging…  to say the least.

The seond to last feral cat had kittens last fall,  so we corralled the whole lot in to the basement to prevent them from freezing to death.

We took them to the vet today.

Our house looks like the scene of a massacre.

Cats are fine,  and on their way to the vets.

Humans are NOT ok.

Did i mention I’m not a fan of cats?

On top of this,  Joy was acting weird this morning.  It was stupid cold last night,  and I thought she’d be okay since she had access to the stall and plenty of hay and water.  Nope.  I come out and she’s shivering terribly.  Ava was fine without a blanket.  Jessie I blanketed because she gets cold easily. Joy’s usually the  hardiest of the bunch.

I’ve got three blankets on her.  Gave her a little banimine, about half a dose,  and waited.  She seemed much better after 10 mins,  and back to normal after 40.

I hate these 30 degree jumps in temps.  Wrecks havoc on everyone.

It’s only 8:30am. I hope this day gets better.


$100 later, the three feral cats have been fixed, vaccinated, treated for fleas and released back to the wild. Ears clipped by vet to easily identify them as fixed. One is living in the barn, but the other two have not been seen again. I fear they may be dead.



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