Show Names & Poop

What if…. what if Joy’s show name was…


“Now entering at A, SeaGoat!”

What are some preposterous, funny, show names that would reflect a grown adult riding a pony into a show ring, surrounded by people who feel white pants and a tux jacket are appropriate attire?

I was thinking about calling the farm “Dancing Dwarves”. I was going to call it “Midgets are Us”, but I thought that might be insensitive toward little people. I don’t think I qualify as a little person yet. I need to lose 2 more inches. Should be there in another year or so.

I have instituted my new cardio routine. So far so good, but my cookie intact has increased three fold. I was pleasantly surprised I am still capable of walking after each workout. For as much pain and wanting to die during the workouts, I was positive that I was going to be massively sore afterward. So far, no issues. That’s a positive. I’ll probably end up weighing 300lbs by the time spring comes, but I won’t be winded walking up the stairs.

What about Whiskey.Tango.FoxTrot?

This post is a diversion from cleaning stalls in temps that have a “feel like” of -2. It’s really 12 degrees (Fahrenheit). The poop sounds like gunfire when it hits the bucket. You could brain someone with one of those poop balls. They’ll trip you too. They escape and roll around on the floor like hard little marbles. When you’re not expecting it, they’ll slide under foot and you’ll go rolling for an instant. It’s annoying.

Hubby says at least the poop doesn’t smell.

Not sure if you can see this video, but I thought it was hilarious.
You need FB access to view it.  It reflects my hubby’s views on poop to a T!

How about show name: “Napoleon Complex”? Ha!

Off to clean stalls. Wish me luck!

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