Left Lead Canter

I had the best left lead canter depart I’ve ever had on Joy before!  It was almost like a grown up canter depart!!  Not only was she correctly bent,  but she stepped into it from the right hind.  It was awesome! 

The right lead canter depart was very good too,  but that one has been coming along fairly well.  This is the first time for the left lead.  First time off a straight leg aid canter cue (no voice cue),  first time with correct bend,  first time not launching herself from the forehand…

It was so good I just halted her and got off.  

She’s getting stronger!! 

Pics of Joy,  ’cause she’s cute. 

Not so cute here…

My two second braid job… Wanted to see if a running braid would stay in while working. Worked okay. 


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