Nothing New

I forgot to post this. This is from July 25th. I’ll update on a new post. 

I had the Vet back the 19th (July). Nothing new to report. Vet put Joy at a 5.5 on Henneke body scale. Ava at a 6, and Jessie at a 6.5.

The new farrier came July 11th. I like the angles of Joy’s feet much better. He was incredibly patient and kind to the horses. All of the feet looked dramatically better after he was finished. Ava’s back to bossing the rest of the crew around, bucking and trotting around the pasture. 

Joy hasn’t been sound at all since the last time she was trimmed (May 26th). She seemed more comfortable immediately after trim. Not dramatically different, but less ouchie. She’s slowly been getting better and better since this last trim. 

When new farrier trimmed Joy’s hind feet on the 11th, this is what we saw:

Front feet didn’t look like this. 

Lyme tests on Ava and Joy came back negative. Both horses on Magnesium and 1/2 a cup  (measuring cup) of grain with grass hay twice a day since December. 

I have a some tweaks I need to make to their diet to add in the nutrients and fats they need. I’m not sure I understand what and how much yet. I was kind of wishing an Equine Nutritionist would suddenly appear, but I’d never have the money to afford them. 

I’ve been depressed. I hate when my horses aren’t comfortable. 

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