Not even close

I have poison ivy on both arms and one hand.

I think I like this new bit on Joy. She still fusses, still chomps, but she feels less combative. I’m not sure how to describe it. I used to take hold and Joy would respond with a “You wanna fight, I’ll fight!”. Now it’s met with a maybe, and then a gradual softening. Not that she doesn’t go back to “Hell no” five seconds after she figures out that what I was really asking for was hard, but I’m getting more of a cooperative response overall.

I get on Joy today expecting a bit of a wild ride. It snowed last night, it’s cold today (low 50’s), it’s super windy. This should be crazy town weather, right? I get on and realize Joy’s idea of work today means slowly plodding around the ring and stopping frequently, maybe snatching some grass around the outside too.


I revved her up too much to start, and she popped in a few crow hops to show her displeasure. Haha She’s so little her crow hop is like a trot stride on a normal horse.

She settled in to work quickly though.



I cantered Joy and then asked for a trans to trot. Joy wants to put her head between her knees.

“Uh, what are you doing?”.

Literally, this is all Joy wants to do for the next couple of minutes.



We’re taking long and low to a whole new extreme! Haha

She did finally bring her head up after a bit.

I get done cantering Joy and Jessie (the 31 year old mare) starts cantering around the pasture. Not scared, not anxious, just cantering around like “See, I’m better at cantering than you are!” It was funny.

Anyway, we won’t be ready for even a basic training level test for a while, but we’re getting a few more pieces solidified. And we’re actually cantering and picking up the correct lead nearly every time. It’s not pretty, but it’s a canter. Ha.

Oh, and clipper training… Joy doesn’t care about the noise or the vibration. The fact that the thing had the audacity to blow air on her nose? Horrendous! She refuses to go near the damn things now. She is really funny about things touching her nose. It makes her nose itch, and she utterly hates that. She will let you do anything to her and won’t blink an eye, but God save you if you make her nose itch!! So now the clippers are hanging next to her feed bucket and I turn them on every feeding. She doesn’t care about the noise, but if they blow air on her nose it’s the end of the freaking world.

It was cute, in a frustratingly endearing kind of way.

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