And, one step backward

I tried getting the same feeling of connection with Joy out in the field the following ride. it didn’t go so well. I did get a few steps at the end that felt sort of connected and more relaxed in the contact. It wasn’t as solid as it had been yesterday.  I’m positive the issue was the straightness, but I couldn’t identify exactly why she wasn’t straight… only that she didn’t feel straight.

However, Ava… holy cow that horse is awesome! We’re out in the field doing trot work and I half halted her to set her up for a small downward slope in the trail… and Ava floated. That big, lofty trot she used to do. It feels so neat. There’s so much space between foot falls that it really does feel like you’re floating above the ground.

Ironically, I got tired before Ava did. Staying centered and balanced on a big trot takes a lot of strength. I end up feeling like I got a cardio workout when we’re done.


6 thoughts on “And, one step backward

  1. I like to remind myself that dressage is a forward and back process. You make some progress in one area, lose it in another. When it all comes together, you’re ready to move up a level and start ALL over, feeling incompetent. 🙂

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