Yesterday the mares spent the day resting up for their grand shenanigans.


Joy, who is normally a very sane and reliable pony, was the embodiment of a fire breathing dragon last night. I had forgone lunging due to how well she’s been the past two weeks, and was arrogantly sliding a leg over her when things first started to get out of hand. First we’re bolting off, then comes the mini-rearing, then bolting, then up and down, and forward with slamming stops. I get her back in line and proceed to try every trick I know to relax her and get her to focus. Slowly, it starts working. Very slowly… She’s  starting to relax. She’s starting to bend and release her body bit by bit.

That is when a not particularly loud car goes by…

And… we’re in the air, we’re bolting forward, we’re leaping around like a wild cat has attached itself to her ass and she must free herself or perish.

I jump off at that point, went and grabbed the lunge line and had a heart to heart with Joy about her station in life. She was not particularly happy with me.

After the little lunge lesson, I hopped back on. I was attempting to work on some connection at the trot, but she was still tense and when Joy gets tense she curls. So instead, we went for a trail ride. Alone. Probably stupid considering how energetic she had just been, but she seemed to have regained her brain and I wasn’t going to get anything accomplished in the arena that evening anyway.

She’s not quite relaxed by herself on trail rides yet, but she’s (usually) very sensible about things that scare her.  We walked all the way out to the far edge of the back field, past the new house they’re building with all of it’s equipment and building supplies, down toward the brush line and then back up along it. Finished up with a jiggy walk down Fellah’s lane to get home, so we did a little more work in the arena (to reiterate that we don’t rush home for dinner).  I was really happy with how well the trail ride went considering last year at this time I was still working on steering/stopping and we hadn’t left the confines of our fenced in pasture. Now we’re trail blazing by ourselves! It was fun.

Then I rode Ava. Far less drama than Joy’s ride, thankfully.  I was tired, and I wasn’t sure how much more tossing about I could handle. I did get the usual head flipping, “I don’t wanna”, “are you sure I can’t bolt back to the barn now” behaviors from Ava, but nothing overly crazy. We’re basically just walking up and down the middle of the pasture. Then we trot up and down the middle of the pasture a few times. Then walk some more. Trying to keep it straight lines. The vet said she has to lose a bit more weight before she’s at a healthy level, and exercise is the best option. It’s either this or the $125/month medication which I can’t afford. I still think that left hind is bothering her.


But then I see her in the field doing crazy stuff like this:

She doesn’t seem bothered by it in the pasture. She’ll barrel down the entire length of the pasture and come screeching to a halt in the stall.

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