Non-Traditional Breeds

Warning: Rant. Swearing and NSFW, so skip if you need to.


This shit pisses me off. You’re getting high 50’s at Training Level because your horse doesn’t have correct training. Don’t blame this on your horse’s breed. There are MULES competing at Nationals who get better scores, at higher levels, than you’ve gotten.

Stop making excuses for poor training and poor riding. Even if Carl Hester handed you his most promising young horse, you’d STILL be eeking out a high 50 at training level. But by then I’m sure you could find a new excuse for why your riding and training was not the problem.

Horses don’t lose shows, riders lose shows.

It’s not like we’re talking GP at Wellington. She’s at Training Level in MI for God’s sake.

Mainly, it pisses me off because this is basically saying anyone who has done well on a non-warmblood against a warmblood has done so by mistake or bad judging.

Worse yet, say someone else reads her post and owns non-traditional breed. What if they never even try showing at a rated show because of this lady? What if the first snag they hit in their training they give up because their Arab, TB, QH, whatever isn’t a fancy warmblood. An opportunity that person had to improve as a rider is gone, all because this lady decided she couldn’t train a non-warmblood. What if you’d been told you had no hope of being competitve? Would you have even tried? Would you have made it where you are now if someone had told you it was hopeless?

I just want to end with – – Speak for yourself lady… YOU will never be competitive because YOU make excuses instead of focusing on fixing your training problems. The rest of us will become excellent riders and trainers on our non-purpose bred horses. Some of us with horses that have far worse conformation than your horse’s. And we’ll go on to successfully compete at rated shows against “fancy warmbloods”. And not once will we make excuses when we do poorly, or hit a snag in our training. We’ll own that shit and overcome it.


3 thoughts on “Non-Traditional Breeds

  1. It has always been my purpose to compete against myself, not others or “fancy warmbloods”. If I enter a show and improve from year to year over my previous scores then I know I’m doing better. It’s about developing the horse AND rider, not about comparing one’s riding and one’s horse to others. That’s what is so distressing about today’s “flashical” dressage–it’s a competition instead of a path to harmony between horse and rider.

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