Day Three – Trailer Training

I’m in full bore mode for getting Joy accustomed to the trailer.  I didn’t do much work on it last year. A few walk in/back out sessions,  but that was all.  This year I have to have her trailering well.  And by well,  I mean hop on immediately with no issues, stand quietly while I latch all partitions,  and most importantly have her riding quietly whether we move or not. Not the throwing herself violently around that she did when we moved her here. That scared the crap outta me. 

I really want to get Joy so comfortable in the trailer that it’s like walking into her stall.  Where the bangs and creaks and sways are normal to her,  and no longer cause the panic attacks. 

I don’t know if I can do it though.  Way long ago,  I trained two geldings to trailer.  One I trained to self load and he was a saint in the trailer,  the other I was just training for a friend but within 30 days I had him loading and trailering well enough that he could be hauled safely.  And that was a horse that had never seen a trailer before.

But I’ve had such a hard time with Ava that I no longer trust that i know what I’m doing.  She really destroyed my faith in being able to train this successfully. 

The other part of me thinks I can do this.  I mean,  Ava is not normal…  I’ve gotten several people to help me train Ava to load,  and no matter what it all came down to whether Ava felt like going along with the puny humans plans that day. 

Joy is nothing like Ava.  Joy wants to go along with whatever I want,  she just gets nervous or uncertain about new things.  Joy’s a lot like a gelding in a lot of ways.  So I tend to think that with all the tricks I’ve learned with Ava,  that I can overcome pretty much anything Joy can try.

Plus,  every single other person on the planet can freaking haul their horses places.  And yet here I am,  freaking out about if.  It’s not that hard to do…  I make it too big of a deal.  It’s not that hard,  right?

But I’m still uncertain…  If I mess up then Joy will be a pain to trailer forever.  Or worse, Joy will seriously hurt herself (or me).

What if I mess this up???

I have all these things I want to do with Joy this year,  but they all depend on Joy trailering well.  I really,  really do not want to spend another year stuck at home because my pony won’t trailer well. I want to go to shows,  take lessons,  take clinics,  haul out to friends houses to ride. There’s this big,  fun world out there once you’re mobile.  I want to be a part of it.

Can I do it?  God I hope so… 

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