Torture, Mayhem, and Cookies

I finally set up my “home gym” in the basement. We’ve lived here nearly a year, and I’m just now getting to it.

I’m obviously a die hard fitness fanatic.



Day 1:


I made it 8 minutes into a 20 minute workout video for beginners.


Day 2:


20 Burpees
20 Mountain Climbers
20 Lunges each leg.
A bunch of leg lifts, etc.
some jumping jacks.
ran out of things to try, so I quit and went and had a cup of hot chocolate……

Day 3:

I had the worst muscle spasms in my back while cleaning stalls so I skipped day 3.

I lounged around on the couch waiting for my back to ease up while these two laid in my lap.


Good workout!

Day 4:

I busted out a mile in well under 40 minutes.

I’m so awesome!

I bet no one could beat that time.

Day 5:

What? Again?

Maybe tomorrow.

Day 6:

I’m going to try these today:
20-minute Barre Interval Workout –
Hip Opening –

I’ll see if I can make it past 8 minutes this time.  🙂

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