Winter Riding

Do you want to go riding, Joy??



It’s all ice on top of the snow. I don’t even fall through when I jump on it.

I really wanted to ride today, but I don’t think it’s safe (footing wise).

*sad face*

Yeah, I cut Joy’s forelock. Yeah it looks silly. 

She’s got half her forelock growing out, so I trimmed it to be all one length. It’ll look better by spring.

The great debate: do I pull Joy’s mane so she looks like a dressage pony, or let it grow long? I’m leaning toward short. However, running braids are the easiest and fastest braid ever. I could throw a really nice one in within 3 minutes. Button braids… I haven’t don’t those in 20 years.  And what I remember is a lot of swearing, numb arms, and sore fingers.

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