Liberty Training

I always see those posts or videos of these amazing people doing liberty training with their horse.

It’s beautiful.

It’s harmonious.

It’s what I think the epitome of horse relationships should be.






My liberty training more closely resembles an angry bar fight between two drunks.



5 thoughts on “Liberty Training

  1. First of liberty work isn’t anything amazing, it’s just a form of training. Not all horses enjoy it, mine doesn’t. Loose schooling is fine here and there if I am not in her face.

    But if you “play” with your horse they do jump and buck during that and we are not horses.
    I believe the lady you posted suffered a broken jaw back in 2012 when this was filmed.

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    • I’ve never met anyone that’s actually, formally, liberty trained their horse. That’s probably why it seems mysterious and cool. Interesting about your horse not enjoying liberty training. That seems to be Ava’s feelings about it too. She’s only interested if I have a treat, otherwise I can go get bent.

      I was wondering if that lady survived the kick! That wasn’t a gentle tap.


      • I did Liberty training when I did Parelli. I was lucky in the fact I had a very playful fun pony and we passed level 3. We never used treats as it was about them wanting to be with you, not because you had something they wanted.

        The lass I have now does have things she enjoys doing and if she is loose will do it anyway. She has strong opinions and if your company isn’t wanted a treat won’t cut the mustard.
        For the most part if it doesn’t have a purpose, she’s not interested.
        I do ride her tackless and that’s not anything amazing either, it’s all part of it I guess. She prefers that as it’s got more of a purpose- though trying to ride a dressage test that way was fun 🙂


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