The Game

Ava must be feeling better.

As I walked out to fetch her from the field, Ava systematically led me to the furthest end of the pasture. Once there, Ava cantered and bucked her way back to the front of the pasture.

Me… halter in hand, making the long walk back to the front.

Once I got back to the front, Joy came over to sniff me. Then Ava walked over.

I walked Ava out of the pasture, and down the long lane bordering our property. At the back, it opens up to a field. Ava jerked her head up and froze. I could hear Joy bellowing back at the barn. Long, angry calls interspersed with the sound of galloping feet.

I led Ava around the ditch and down the path along the back edge of the property until we reached the trail through the pine tree’s. Ava whipped her head up and around, seeming to express either annoyance or excitment. I wasn’t sure which.

I tensed my grip on the lead. I never know if the head fling will be followed by a rear, or end there.

No rear. We followed the path through the pine tree’s as Joy galloped back and forth beside us in the pasture.

Back at the barn I brushed Ava down and cleaned her feet. She easily picked each up, but leaned back and forced the foot down when I held the left fore up too long. Still better than before. The concrete still makes her mince her steps.

I tried to weight tape her again. I’m over the weight tape. The arbitrary nature of it confuses me. Three measurements with three vastly different values this time. For some reason I was able to successfully tape her for three weeks. Now suddenly I’m stumped and unable to determine the exact spot to measure at. There’s got to be a better way to do this.

I put Ava back in her stall, and scratched her neck. She head bumped me softly in the chest and then went to work on the hay I’d left in there.


Today I saw two gray horses streak across the back field with their riders bent low over their necks. Three dogs trailed quietly behind them. I wanted to go with them. I was contemplating tacking up Joy and madly galloping out in hopes of catching up with them.

They were gone before I could even finish the thought.

Which was good, because I’m not ready to “madly gallop” Joy anywhere, let alone to catch two riders who are heading who knows where.

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