Don’t yank the reins

Joy has developed a cute (sarcasm) habit of rooting the reins out. To top it off, I really hurt my index finger a month ago (it’s still twice the size of the other finger). Joy pulls the reins and it jerks that finger. Which really hurts!

We had an argument about it a couple weeks ago. She’d root, and I’d boot her. Root, boot, root, boot.

I think we’ve come to a semi-respectable agreement where she can ask for the reins, but no jerking.

I’m getting a bit worried though… Joy seems to prefer trotting around with her nose on the ground. Back issues? Pain? Avoidance? Or is this the result of learning that she has the freedom to put her head down?

I’m still having issues with her popping the left shoulder when going to the right. I think this is going to be an on-going issue due to the club foot. I’ve been keeping her counter flexed while I focus on riding the shoulder. I started doing the box at the trot to the right. It seems to help quite a lot. I can’t actually ask for any right flexion without her popping the shoulder, diving onto her right foreleg, and racing off like a freight train. However, using the box exercise at the trot allows me to keep her nose directly in front of her chest. So, a step in the right direction.

I would like to state that the forward off a light aid is massively improved since April. I used to have to boot her with both heels (sometimes multiple times in a row) to get a trot. Now it’s a light touch of calf and she’ll usually jump into a nice trot. Usually being the key word there. Occasionally she’ll decide we’re going backwards. Which never fails to take me by surprise.

I’m like “What are you doing?! I asked for forward!”
And Joy’s like, “Nope. I’m out!”

Anyway, it’s 37 degree’s today, and supposed to rain this afternoon, so I better get out and ride while I can. I can just barely tolerate the cold and wind, but I’m too big of a wimp to do cold, windy, and wet.

I hope all of you have great rides today!

One thought on “Don’t yank the reins

  1. Follow up: The ride did NOT go well. It was all snort, and spook, and “Aaahmeergghdd, a leaf moved!!”

    The irony.. I can take my jacket off and wing it around my head, fling it up near her neck and past her face, with no reaction. The tree makes a bit of noise in the wind and the whole world is ending.


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