First Snow

I click Add New Post, and then stare at a blank page for several minutes. My life lately is all backyard rider type stuff. Nothing exciting, nothing neat. It’s just day to day stuff.

It snowed like the dickens all day yesterday. I shoveled the back deck and a path to the barn four times yesterday, and each time, within an hour it looked like I’d never touched it. We must’ve gotten at least 6 inches. 

I’ve been keeping the old mare, Jessie, inside at night when it’s below freezing. I don’t think Jessie minds.  Yesterday morning I was trying to let her out… which involves going outside to open and latch her stall door open. Normally this is a 2 second event, but yesterday Joy was flying around and snorting, rearing, bucking, and at one point utterly bit it and wiped out. And Ava was being snarky and over bearing, and refused to give me enough space to let Jessie out. Ava and Jessie will go at it if either is cornered,  and Jessies stall opening is in the corner of the paddock. I didn’t want to let Jessie out just to have them launch into an all out attack while I’m pinned against the barn wall.

So I finally got Jessie outside, and Joy is still flying around like an Indy car, Ava’s ducking and diving to get around me to get to Jessie, Jessie’s doing her arthric little trot to get out of Ava’s way, and and all I could think was “My God, It’s only a bit of snow you morons!”


Today, everyone was a polite little angel.

Which was good, because I nearly fell under Ava, but she just stared at me and waited until I regained my balance.

I want to go for a trail ride today. It’s gorgeous out. It’s deer season though, and I’m not really sure where I can ride at where I won’t get shot.


I’m also incredibly sore from all the shoveling. Really, really sore. Muscles I forgot I had are screaming today.

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