Work to Ride

The past two weeks have been a killer. Work, work, work. All work. No riding.

It was mildly acceptable due to the constant raining and cold temps, but now it’s sunny and warm. I don’t want to work after quitting time. I want to ride!

I wish I got comp time for working over time.

Hell, I wish I got paid for over time. I might actually be able to afford vacations.

I need a lesson. Badly. My riding has seriously degraded the past year and some months. I need someone to correct the bad habits I’ve picked up. I don’t know who to go to though.

Reasons why getting a lesson from current trainer is hard:

  • The current trainer leaves for Florida in a couple of weeks,
  • I don’t know if she even has a lesson horse I could use,
  • Joy isn’t ready for a 4 hour (round trip) trailer ride
  • Joy isn’t fit enough for a 45 minute hard lesson (lessons cost a lot, so has to be worth while).

So who else do I go to for help? It is not an option to go back to old trainer. She was good instructor-wise, but people-wise not so good. There are a few trainers within an hour of me that seem to do well on the rated circuit. They have students that seem to do well also.

Every time I try to email my trainer with questions on how I can get lessons this winter, all I hear in my mind is:

“Hi Current Trainer! Who can I go to for lessons half way across the state from where you live? Because you know every single trainer in the entire state, and exactly where they live in proximity to me.”

“Let me use your horse to take lessons on, while I accidentally whack him in the mouth and poke him in the ribs.”

“Why do you have to go to Florida all winter! I’m paying you $80 a month for lessons!!”

Pander to me, Dammit!!

I feel like a trainer/instructor is a resource that you don’t want to annoy with a bunch of inquires on how you can ruin their horse or give other people your money.

I’m going to post a video later tonight/tomorrow. You can see my new saddle and bell boots. 🙂  Plus, I can show you what I’m having issues with now (on Joy). Maybe one of you kind souls will take pity on me and offer some position fixes, or point out where I’m going wrong.

3 thoughts on “Work to Ride

  1. Who are some well known trainers you like? Perhaps that might be a way to approach finding a trainer who will be a good fit for you; does the trainer follow someone that you also admire, or do they have an agenda that does not fit with what you’re after. I watched many trainers teach and ride, and although they had technique and mastery of getting the moves, none had the philosophy that I find to be so important to the art of riding. After attending a couple Herbermann clinics I knew I wanted to find someone who had similar attitude concerning training. I was lucky enough to have found one person in my area (a good 1 1/2 drive away, but she travels to clients) who held his book in high esteem . Her teacher for many years was Jeff Moore (; his functional biomechanic approach is actually the same ideals Herbermann is describing in his eloquently written books. Understanding the biomechanics of horse and rider has made a huge difference for me.

    I do like to read Jean Luc-Cornille’s site. Rather dense with technical and anatomical terms, but really interesting to read his thoughts
    on horsemanship.

    It may take more searching but I’m sure you’ll find a good and caring trainer. You ride well and enjoy your horses, which is the most important component for the harmony you are striving for.
    On another note; a good trainer would take into consideration Joy’s fitness level and help you with a plan to develop her athletic ability. Sometimes my lessons are a mere 45 minutes and other times we might stretch it into over an hour and a half; depends on what we’re working on (yes, I’m lucky our teacher gets into the moment and has the attitude that training takes whatever time it takes that day)
    Finally, this is from a British training barn website; they host Erik Herbermann clinics every year and the owner posts highlights of his commentary on her blog. Maybe you’ll like reading it as much as I do!

    I went on rather long in this reply, but I really do get into this stuff!


    • That Arrow Equestrian blog is awesome! Now I have to go look through Jeff Moore’s site and Luc-Cornille’s. 🙂 Thank you! Those are awesome!

      As far as trainer goes. I really, really like my current trainer. If I could, I’d latch myself to her side and never leave. I want a clone of her located on my side of the state. But, I need help now. I’ll have to go check out some of the trainers I’ve been reading up on. I heard there’s a new one not too far from me. Although, to be honest, I might only use them as a temporary fix for this winter and then go back to my current trainer next summer. Either way, I don’t think I can go another 5 months without some kind of intervention on my riding. It’s getting dire…

      Thank you again for the links! Perfect timing too. We’ve got crappy weather coming tomorrow so I’ll have time to read through some of the sites. 🙂

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      • Oh good! I’m glad you like those links. I now understand what you talking about re: your trainer and agree that it’s far too difficult to wait so long between working sessions. darn! Maybe it wouldn’t be so bad to take a couple lessons with a different trainer during the winter; who knows, maybe they will have a similar method as your current trainer but just a different way of presenting a technique that will be helpful. Have you been able to watch lessons given by the trainer who lives nearby?
        I recently videoed nearly 2 hours of lesson my trainer gave to a new friend of mine who lives 4 hours from me (Northern Nevada….long stretches of the Big Empty!). This is so helpful because she went through the fundamental elements of biomechanics even before proceeding to watch my friend and her horse under saddle. It was truly a refresher course for me . I wonder if I could patch that segment of the video over to you? If you’re interested, then I’ll ask a computer savvy friend to help me edit the video so you can just watch and listen to the discussion.

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