Awoken at 3am by a monster


Mr. Stumpy and Zeus

The monster on the left woke me up at 3am by launching himself at my lower legs.

He’s lucky he’s cute, because he’s an absolute terror. Attacking feet and latching on to ankles. He wants to be a tiger, but he’s trapped in a tiny, deformed body.

These are pictures of Stumpy soon after he was born.



And Stumpy now:



He’s surprisingly quick, and very mobile, for only having one full sized leg. He doesn’t know he shouldn’t be able to do half the things he does.

I struggled through my work day, which seems incredibly long when you’ve been up since 3. Always some kind of emergency at work. These critical emergencies always appear 25 minutes before quitting time. I’m supposed to stay until all fires are put out, but ugh… I’m tired.

And feeling under appreciated.

I rode Joy pretty hard yesterday, so maybe a well deserved break today. I hate to bail on riding when the sun is out because this weather won’t last much longer. Soon it’ll be slogging through mud, then slipping on ice, and eventually snow up to my knee’s.

But I’m really tired… and I’m short tempered when tired. Probably best not to ride.



I love the woods behind my house. It’s one of those places where time disappears. 


An acquaintance bought a very well bred dressage horse. Beautiful horse with a lot of lift and bounce to the stride. I watched it bounce around, feeling a bit jealous, coveting this gorgeous athlete. But it occurred to me… it would be pointless to buy such wonderful mover unless I could sit the movement. I am thankful my little gal is very, very smooth. Ava was not… and I hated how much I bounced. I interferred. I limited her because I couldn’t follow well enough. I was always either a half a second behind, or worse, slowing her down so I could keep up. When I looked for a new horse, one criteria was that he/she be smoother than Ava was. I won’t admit that in person, but it’s true. I’d love to be so good that I could sit a big mover, but I’m a desk jockey… and I would need to make significant changes in my fitness levels to be able to effectively sit the movement of a really athletic, dressage bred, warmblood.

I’m thankful I have a very smooth pony.

Although, I really do still need to work on strengthening my core…

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