Monday, Not Monday

I’ve been trying to write this post all week. There’s just not enough time to get everything done. Actually, I was going to do one post a day, but I couldn’t even get one post done this week. haha

I found out Joy doesn’t like being saddled from the off side. It didn’t even occur to me she’d have an issue with it, but when I went to toss the pad on from the off side she just about jumped out of her skin. Ha!

I have video. It’s long. It’s boring. It shows how much my riding has degraded.  😉

Video was taken this past Sunday. Notice we only get the left canter lead.

On Monday, I got three strides of stretchy trot out of Joy. I was shocked!!  This is the first time I’ve gotten her to really stretch her neck almost all the way out at the trot. Occasionally (rarely) she’ll give me a little bit, usually she’s just a knot of tension, so this was a big deal when it happened. She’s gotten so she’ll reach down at the walk, but I’ve been really worried about ever being able to get it at the trot.

I rode Joy briefly Tuesday. Mainly walk work. I wasn’t feeling very good.  We got three strides of beautifully bent shoulder-in. It felt amazing. I immediately hopped off. I figured there was no where else to go but downhill after that. Of course when I rode her Wednesday… couldn’t get anything to even remotely resemble a shoulder-in.  It didn’t matter what I tried, it wasn’t going to happen.

On Wednesday we cantered. And we picked up the correct lead.
It was not pretty.

We have difficulty with the right lead.  Joy’s butt is chronically canted left and I had to basically pull her head left, and then ask for the canter.

Like I said… not pretty.

Honestly, I was just pleased that I had the guts to ask for the canter. I don’t feel as secure with the bareback pad as I’d like. It’s fine for tooling around on, but if Joy tries some crazy stuff I’m going off in a heart beat. And I’ve seen Joy pull some crazy stuff when I ask her to canter on the lunge line.  That image plays through my head every time I think about asking her to canter when I’m on her back.

She has yet (*knock on wood*) to try anything naughty while I’m on her. I’m not sure why I psych myself out so much over nothing.

Wednesday was also the first time Joy shied hard. Sometimes she makes me think of those cutter/cow horses. Anyway, before I knew what was going on, we had some how gotten a foot closer to the ground and we were facing the other direction. And just as quick everything was back to normal.

Oh, I nearly forgot. I took Joy for another ride around the outside of the pasture and a bit through the field, all by herself, and she did great. She got a little anxious, briefly, here and there, but nothing major. We passed some “scary” objects too. Things that used to make Joy really nervous. She didn’t even care.

Yesterday I rode Joy over to the neighbors house and (drum roll….) home without any issues. Previously, I could ride Joy over, but once we got there I couldn’t leave unless I hopped off and led her home on foot. But yesterday, I was able to ride her all the way home. It did take a little bit of persuasion to get her away from the neighbors barn, but it was just a wiggle of my legs, and once we were about 15 feet away Joy started happily walking back to my place.

I can’t believe how much I lucked out finding this pony. She might not have been quite what I was looking for, but she’s definitely what I needed right now. She’s always so much fun to work with, and she’s so happy to be doing whatever you’re doing… I’m really thrilled that I got her.

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