I am horrible with blood and yuck. My standard response is to immediately vomit and pass out. Sometimes simultaneously.

I don’t want to brag or nothin’, but I have passed out in hospitals (visiting), multiple horse barns, friends houses, and at a construction site.

It’s kind of embarrassing actually.

Anyway, Jessie’s wound was infected. She has a pocket of infection next to the lining of her tendon in her lower hind leg. We’ve got her on large amounts of antibiotics; she’s getting intramuscular, oral, and topical antibiotics.

Part of the care for the wound is flushing out the pocket. It’s about a half dollar sized hole in her leg (ha.. kids will have no idea what a half dollar is). I stick a giant plunger full of saline and antibiotics in the hole, and flush! Puss and blood shoots out all over.

It is thoroughly disgusting.

I am disgusted.

I had to stop several times to go dry heave.

It looks small in the picture, but it seemed like gallons when it was coming out (most of that liquid is saline solution).


On the plus side, Jessie is a food hound. I could cut a leg off as long as she’s got a bucket of grain in front of her.

I also gave my very first shot in over 2 decades! I asked my neighbor to come down and help me the first time. There are all these little things you don’t know you don’t know… like how to get the stupid liquid from the jar to fill the needle thingy.  Or actually sticking the needle in. Or where to stick the needle in.

Jessie was a good horse to practice on. She stood steady as a rock regardless of the number of fumbles I made with the needle.  My first attempt did not go well though.  I gauged where I would stick the needle in, I rubbed the spot, I thumped the spot, I double checked I had the right spot… and then I squinted my eyes and poked… except, I only got about a quarter of the needle in. Second attempt… measure the spot, rub the neck, thump the neck (still trying to screw up the courage), measure, thump, measure… POKE.

Second attempt went better. But I was given instructions to give two shots of 15cc each for two days. So I still had to inject her with another 15cc.

I don’t like giving shots. I’ve never liked watching someone give me a shot, and it’s no better giving a shot to a horse.

But I am proud of myself for getting it accomplished with only a little help for the first shot.  I don’t feel very confident in my needle sticking abilities, but at least if push came to shove I could get the job done (on a quiet horse… that didn’t move.. and was totally fine with getting poked several times in a row… hahaha).

Along with the antibiotic shots, I also have to give Jessie a large handful of pills twice a day. It started out okay. I crushed the pills up and tossed them in her grain, and Jessie cleaned her plate. Then she started refusing to eat the grain with the antibiotics in it, so I mixed in some applesauce. That worked once… she utterly refused the second time. So I crushed up treats with the antibiotics and mixed it in her grain. That worked surprisingly well for about four feedings. And then she utterly refused to touch her food.

After that, nothing worked. I still had to give her the pills twice a day for another 15 days. As soon as Jessie identified that there was anything other than plain grain in her feed bin, she’d face the back of the stall and refuse all grain, treats, or other bribes. I even tried maple syrup (having it on good authority that it worked).

I resorted to crushing the pills and mixing it with water to fill a syringe (sans needle), then shooting it in her mouth. The first few times we had a serious talk about manners, but she’s been a doll since then. Amazingly cooperative considering that stuff must taste bitter as all get-out.

Anyway, that is the story of how I nearly puked on Jessie.

4 thoughts on “Squeamish

  1. I don’t like puncture type wounds like that. Mikey got a stick stuck in between his butt cheeks a couple years ago that pussed, bled, oozed. Had to remove the stick and spend some days flushing it out. Gross. Any other wound, I’m good.

    I always go straight to pills in water. I don’t even bother crushing them. I’ve always dosed at feed time, so I put the pills in water in the syringe at the previous feed, shake the syringe with my finger over the opening, everything mixes, let it sit until I need it, shake it again before administering, then pop it into their mouth. Mine will eat around the pills or dump them on the floor. And I refuse to spend the time crushing them when they’ll dissolve on their own! It’s how I learned to dose horses at my horsey job (I’d never done it before)- I’m now finding that this is most people’s method of last resort!

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