This and That and a few Cavelletti’s

I have no ability to focus today, so you get a rambling post. Good Luck. 😉


I made Joy lunge over poles on the ground today. She wasn’t all that excited by the idea, but she did a fine job of humoring me.

She looked so fancy going over the poles. Her little legs delicately lifted high, her neck arched.

I had her go both ways a few times. I also set the poles in both curved and straight lines. And for a final time through I set one pole beneath one side of two poles (so they were a little higher on one side) and had her trot back through in both directions.

My conclusion… I have learned the ultimate secret to being the laziest rider ever!
Cavelletti lunging!!

After only a few minutes, Joy was huffing and puffing.

Actually, it was helpful because I had her in the yard doing this, which is a scary area for her. The poles made her focus on where she was going instead of looking at the bench, the logs, the cats playing, the cars going by, etc.



Joy is getting chubby…


Zeus is disappointed. He likes to drive, but he can’t reach the break.



I had to look up videos of other ponies doing dressage. I have this weird need to try to compare Joy to other ponies in an attempt to envision what she may look like with more training.. First video I find is this amazing Germany riding pony doing FEI level work. Drool!!!

Yeah… Joy doesn’t look like that.

I bet that FEI pony cost 20k.

I’m not going to look up pony dressage videos anymore.


Jessie hurt her leg. Again. Bad enough I’m concerned. I’ve been her caretaker for 4 months, and she’s had something wrong with her every single one of those months. Just when I think we’re in the clear, something else goes wrong.

I’m 99% sure Ava causes most of the injuries to Jessie and Joy. She’s a “Lead with brute force” type of alpha mare. No subtlety to her leadership.

I have pillow wraps, polo’s, and standing wraps that I’ve owned for several years, but have never used. I bought them for Ava, but it hurts my back too much to hunch over to wrap polo’s for every day riding. They’ve sat in my tack box, in pristine condition since I bought them.

Until I started taking care of Jessie. Now every single wrap I own is stained with manure and gross wound junk.


I found yet another board with a nail in it, in the pasture. That’s number 12 so far. I’m not really counting… but there were a ton in there. I’ve swept that entire pasture several times, but somehow more turn up. Small ones now… they’re getting cunning.


My husband is currently pitching opening lines of books to me:

“There’s just some things that make a man mad.”

He swears that’s New York Times best seller material right there…

I don’t know where he was going with that.

The door handle to our truck fell off. Which is where that convo came from.


We have 8 new kittens. Some of them really look like mom and dad were brother and sister.




I’m not sure how many of you watch Evention Tv on YouTube, but I love their videos. The one on how to build your own cavelletti’s had me laughing.

Evention Tv Season 3: Episode 1 “Build your own Cavaletti”:

2 thoughts on “This and That and a few Cavelletti’s

  1. Bahahaha I love Evention. Beaver!

    I’ve always been curious how to make the X cavaletti’s properly. I’ve seen some good ones and some bad ones out there. I made my own cavaletti boxes (my trainer has a ton of white PVC rails that used to be a standard sized dressage arena) for about $45. Husband already had all the tools though, I just had to buy the wood and screws!

    I also love your kittens. I know when you have a barn, having a pile of kittens isn’t the best thing, but they’re so cute.


  2. A good friend of mine rides a German Riding Pony named Clooney. He’s little, but AWESOME. She works with a great trainer, but I know she works really hard. They’re now showing at 3rd Level (they just won a USDF class with a 64% today!). I think she paid a good price for him but not like 50,000. He is ADORABLE!!! Joy will get there with you – I know it!!!


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