Ava Antics

The last few weeks I’ve been getting more and more excited by the possibility that Ava may be returning to soundness. Our brief trot stints felt awesome, and in the pasture she’s a bucking, cantering, fool.

But, alas… after I took her on a slightly longer than normal trot session (maybe 1 or 2 minutes of trotting), she’s favoring the leg again.

Her mind says she can; her body says she can’t.

At least she’s not anywhere near as lame as she was back in November/December. Now it’s just a shorter stride on that leg. It’s not the toe dragging full body limp she had before.


This morning I went out to feed the horses and about had a heart attack. I walk in the barn and there’s no Ava. Joy and Jessie are in their stalls, but no Ava.

I start to panic….

I walk up to Ava’s stall and look in. There’s Ava, flat out on the stall floor.

Now, I’ve seen Ava lie down occasionally, but I think in the past four months I’ve seen it maybe a handful of times. And she always pops up the second she hears me.

I open her stall door, and I see one of Ava’s eyes crack open to look at me.

I call her name…


I call her again, a bit more frantically.

A few seconds pass, and finally she lifts her head like “Just five more minutes, mom”.

I wait…

Finally, she rolls to her knee’s, pauses a moment, and then heaves herself to her feet.

After regaining her feet, she shoves her forehead into my stomach as if to say Hi, and then sniffs noses with Joy.

All was well.

The whole situation was weird though. I have never once gotten close to Ava laying down because she immediately pops to her feet. So her utter lack of caring that I was near her seemed off character for her. But, she dug into her grain with gusto, and was happily eating hay by the time I left for work.

Maybe she’s starting to feel more comfortable here?

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